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South America demanding: untamed nature, monuments and mythical culture

South America is currently in the viewfinder sports fans from around the world. Brazil had already jednatřicáté hosts the Summer Olympics. Continent in the southern hemisphere but it can offer much more, not just in the summer. On his coming here especially lovers of natural attractions and history.

Chile, Bolivia, Peru and other Latin American countries are attracted to the mountains, deserts and cities mythical ancestors. So whether you set out to cheer athletes at the Olympics or looking for the perfect place for a special holiday, a country in South America is definitely worth exploring.

South America is a very large and diverse. Unlike the North but not your typical big cities and a vibrant nightlife. South American countries attract more nature lovers, photographers and tourists who are not scared to climb a volcano or a day trip in the national park. Yet that South America is quite remote for Czech tourists is unavailable. To travel to the venue of Summer Olympics and most other countries on the continent is not necessary visas. Suffice passport having a validity that exceeds the length of stay of at least six months. The most expensive item is the best route, they can cost up to tens of thousands.

To South America, you can even in winter

In South American countries to speak mostly Spanish, Brazil Portuguese prevails. Workers in the popular tourist spots but also usually speak basic English. But you must be careful to put themselves in planning trips. On the southern hemisphere had the seasons differently than us. In the period of greatest heat and in South America have officially winter. "In most countries winters are not too cold. In subtropical areas and winter temperatures hover around 20 degrees. And so here in August can be held summer Olympics, the temperature for outdoor sports because despite the season will be the continent's nice, "says Michal Tuma (Invia). It adds that for tourists who are in South America want to go in a different time of year is ideal to travel between December and April, when there are nice weather and there is no big rain.

In Chile, you see the desert, mountains and culture

Chile is a country of many contrasts. In the north of the country stretches vast Atacama Desert with breathtaking salt plains that resemble a lunar landscape. In the south of the country again see the rugged coastline with a variety of lakes, fjords and channels. On display are but picturesque mountains and volcanoes that offer beautiful views of the countryside. Typical fauna and flora of the country, then you can observe in the national park Torres del Paine. Lovers of history, however, come off badly. Worth a visit, for example, the capital city of Santiago de Chile. You can visit here on the hill of Santa Lucia, where you will find the Neptune Fountain and Indian art gallery, or stroll down to the romantic lanes and corners in the city center. Then creates an interesting contrast between the modern part of the city full of a variety of cafes, shops and restaurants.

Argentina offers some of the most beautiful waterfalls

Argentina's world famous tango sensual and excellent steaks. However, there are other attractions. For example, you can visit the largest port city of Buenos Aires is famous presidential palace and various museums and the southernmost city in the world Ushuaia, which is due to its scenic location and popular with tourists. Argentina also attracted to the Iguazú Falls, which consist of 270 individual raids and one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the world. The all-weather countries is also on Mount Aconcagua or large floating islands reserve Esteros del Ibera, which is ideal for watching wildlife.

In Bolivia for mountaineering and fun festival

Bolivia will enchant lovers of challenging hiking and mountain. It is offering a possibility to overcome some of šestitisícovek and arduous journey along the plateau of the Altiplano. In addition, Bolivia is still living large number of indigenous people, so you can learn interesting things from their lives and modeled after the Inca legends go for maximum latitude splavovému lake in the world - Lake Titicaca, where, according to myth was day and night. Recreation and entertainment, then you will find in the town of Copacabana, located on the lakeshore. The town of Copacabana has the same name as the most famous Brazilian beach. As well as to her even here several days in the year really lives, are held there because the fiesta attended by residents throughout Bolivia. In the city you will also find a number of monuments and nice places to swim.

In the footsteps of the Incas in Peru

The most important and the most popular tourist attraction in Peru is clearly Machu Picchu. One of the seven wonders of the world is definitely worth seeing. You can take a few day trips and walk through the ancient city of the Incas yourself or archaeological rarity seen with a guide. Inca link will recall another interesting also in the Peruvian city of Cusco, which is considered one of the finest in the country. From there you can go not only to the famous Machu Picchu, but the park Manú. In addition, you enjoy the nightlife, buy souvenirs and taste local specialties.

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