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Smoking harms more than you think. What's at stake?

If you love the taste and consume tobacco, destroying a rather significant body. They suffer not so much mentioned lungs but also other organs, without which the majority can not live. Gamble with their health and prefer to do this forever, "Predict".

miniature killer

It is hard to understand that they do so quite small things, such as cigarette , fits 600 ingredients. More incredible is that when combustion occurs in the release of more than 7,000 substances, of which 69 demonstrated may cause cancer. From the roller in your fingers suddenly becomes a killer. That just will not happen cancer? Maybe not, but cigarette smoke can also cause other very unpleasant disease.

The lungs, brain and heart at risk

The moment you inhale the smoke, you are damaging your lungs. They eventually lose the function of filtering harmful chemicals. Cough that plagues many heavy smokers can not effectively remove toxins, so hazardous chemicals remain trapped in the lungs. It's no secret that smokers often suffer from respiratory illnesses such as flu, fever or pneumonia. Children of smokers have more asthma. Why are you missing a cigarette when you're not it? This is because it contains nicotine - a substance which binds to receptors in the brain and energizes you. Shortly after cigarette, you feel energized. But nicotine addiction. After a while you realize that without a cigarette you are grouchy, irritable and nervous. Additionally, you may be suffering from sleep disorders. Smoking does not benefit either your heart and blood circulation - a risk of heart attack and stroke.

And what an autoimmune disease?

Do you suffer from psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis or Crohn's disease? Do you suffer from ulcerative colitis ?? This disease is so called. Autoimmune diseases, where the defense system attacks the body's own structures. Although scientists are still unable to determine the causes of these diseases, it seems to have discovered a large piece of the puzzle. Studies have shown that smoking not only worsens the disease, but also probably plays a role in their creation. That's probably a good reason why postpone cigarette.

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