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Borreliosis: Answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions

Summer and walks in the countryside, it simply belong together. Apart from experience, however, the forest can also bring a totally unplanned and unwanted souvenir. Donor them tick and Slideshow called Lyme disease.

Lyme disease is the most common European zoonoses, ie diseases transmitted from animals to humans. Only in the Czech Republic after 2015, there were more than 4,000 new cases of the disease. Read the answers to the 10 most common questions that people in connection with this disease considered.

1. What is Lyme Disease?

Like Lyme disease (often lyme disease, Lyme disease) is a disease caused by spiral bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi. It is the most common infectious disease transmitted by ticks in the Czech Republic.

2. every tick carriers of such diseases?

No. According to estimates for the year 2016 in the Czech Republic Borrelia infected ticks about every fourth. Seroprevalence these parasites borne encephalitis virus for comparison is from about half to two percent.

3. Can the Lyme disease transmitted from person to person?

The possibility of transmission by sexual contact was confirmed. It is possible only transmission from mother to child in utero.

4. Can be infected with Borrelia without question know?

Yes, it is even more probable option. Approximately 80-95% of the cases (according to different sources) will Borrelia infection without symptoms.

5. How long after the tick bite symptoms appear?

Called. The incubation period, ie the time from the entry of infection after the first symptoms, most commonly occurs in the interval of 3-30 days. In exceptional cases, the first symptoms of the disease can occur even after several months.

6. What most borreliosis alerts?

If the disease occur, most often is done by skin (70-75%), nerves (15-20%) and the joints (5%). The remainder are attributable to damage to the heart and develop the chronic stage. A typical symptom is a skin red stain that looks like a target and is called erythema migrans. This stain can disappear and reappear in other parts of the body. But not present in all cases. Lyme disease is also sometimes appear flu-like symptoms, it means pain in muscles and joints, fatigue, headaches or loss of appetite.

7. Is there an effective treatment?

Yes, because it is a bacterial infection, and the drugs of choice are antibiotic substances. Their deployment is required in such a dose and for a time sufficient to completely eradicate all Borrelia in the body.

8. How can I tell if I have Lyme disease?

Diagnosis is based on an assessment of symptoms and laboratory tests of blood or joint fluid or CSF.

9. What are the possible consequences to experience a disease?

With proper compliance with the treatment regimen, the disease has a very good prognosis. Some people still says after successfully completed treatment of persistent mental troubles type of pain, headache, excess fatigue or poor concentration.

10. Is it possible to be vaccinated?

The Czech Republic is not yet available vaccine, although the development of a vaccine works, inter alia, the team Olomouc immunologists. The most effective prevention of disease still remains the use of repellents and wearing long clothing, especially in high-risk areas.

Source: Tick-borne

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