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Getting a guide dog? The role of personality and needs

Many people with irreversibly impaired vision dreams about his own guide dog. His acquisition but can be a demanding process, whether for dealing with authorities, or to select a suitable animal. We hint how it all takes place.

There are many organizations that are engaged in training guide dogs. These animals are intended for people who are blind completely or partially lost their sight and thus a certain extent, orientation and self-sufficiency. Dogs these people move through the space safely and at the same time they are also wonderful companions.

versatile helpers

Guide dogs are mostly trained to enable them to assess the risks in the normal movement on the street to help, for example, human movement amid heavy traffic. They learn to react to unexpected obstacles in the way and also how to travel by public transport or train. These dogs are intelligent and friendly. Quickly remember the place where the owner often and periodically walk, and he can thus help to get them safely. Equally, however, knows his master to navigate almost anywhere - to work, at bus stops, shops and restaurants. The guide dogs because most of the animals off does not apply.

proper selection

Once the guide dog training graduates all tests, the experts in an organization dedicated to the study of his personality traits. If you have submitted an application, organizations must make sure that you selected an animal compatible. Therefore, even evaluate your personality, needs and lifestyle. For example, if you are a busy person living in a city, you'll need an active and social dog. Conversely blind living a quiet life in a small city with a rather quieter individual. Organizations often follow the example as well as how fast you go or if you have a large family or small children. It is also, except that an applicant for a dog training involved in training an animal to be able to properly operate.

How about a dog request

Contributions to the guide dog is governed by Act 329/2011 Coll., On the provision of benefits to people with disabilities and amending related laws. According to the Act, the dogs must undergo special training individual or organization who is a member organization of the training school for guide dogs. Request for contribution may be submitted to the labor office. The procedure can then be different depending on the organization. You should first contact the company where you will complete a training course and the above study your needs. After completion of training, you should go to the labor office, at home and ask for contributions of a guide dog.

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