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This year's weather causes people to fatigue, which causes up to one third of road accidents

This summer is characterized by changes in temperature and rapidly changing pressure and humidity. This is detrimental to the health and psychological state of individuals. Many people these days feel fatigue, which is limiting even in everyday life. Defend it can, for example hardening, supplements or relaxation in any form.

Fatigue has a negative impact on human health and emotional well-being - individuals have slowed reactions, concentration problems with normal activities such as driving a car. European survey of sleep the company revealed that fatigue causes up to one-third of traffic accidents is for drivers as dangerous as alcohol.

Prevent fatigue and air conditioning

Changes in the weather, which we exposed this summer, cause fatigue and exhaustion. The technology, which is helping us cope with fluctuations in the weather, such as air conditioning or humidifiers, can only delay the onset of fatigue, but not completely eradicated. "The equipment only regulate the conditions inside the room. But as soon as individuals find themselves in a natural environment outside the body experiences a shock. This is the trigger for a variety of illnesses and distressing symptoms, which include fatigue also increasing, "said Dr. Thomas Kampe. The culprit malaise and fatigue, however, is often also the disease - beginning with the flu, a cold or viral infection, sometimes reason is that the longer-term diseases such as allergic rhinitis, anemia or chronic fatigue.

Fight against fatigue hardening or Aloe Vera

One of the natural cures for long-term fatigue may be the classic hardening. Experts recommend frequent movement out, even in bad weather, even for a short time. It also helps sauna or tough ones for individual icy shower. Lack of energy may supply certain vitamins, especially C, A, E, B5, iron or magnesium. A big help in replenishing nutrients are food supplements - many of them in itself contains a combination of vitamins and extracts from medicinal plants. For example, aloe vera acts as a natural cleanser and body helps leach toxic substances. It belongs therefore the most potent natural detoxifying agents present. "In choosing dietary supplements bet on those containing a mixture of vitamins, aloe, green tea, and optionally other antioxidant substances. This mix is ​​to promote activity and stimulates the organism, which is crucial to combat fatigue, "said Kampe said, adding that especially vitamin B12 and iron contribute to the reduction of tiredness and support cognitive function.

Bet on quality food and regularity

Assistance may also dietary composition or movement. The basis of success is regularity in eating is not good to forget the snacks and carefully selected. Experts recommend avoiding foods with a high glycemic index, among them include, for example, chocolate bars. On the contrary, the diet should include tired of people especially those foods that release energy gradually. It is primarily a fruit or a handful of nuts. In the long term your body with more energy, especially if an individual indulges a snack about every three hours.

The body also contributes positively to sufficient drinking regime - ideally herbal and green teas or pure still water. To combat fatigue helps regularity of a daily routine, which must include enough space to rest. To each day should fit a regular time for relaxing activities - like someone resting active sports, others have a drink with friends or watching a movie. Pleasant fatigue at bedtime deliver quality sleep and regular mode steady state of mind.

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