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You do not want to judge or give it up? Try it amicably

Opportunity to resolve consumer dispute without a trial using unbiased mediator employs more consumers. Service conciliation VašeStíž but also benefited entrepreneurs. They have this form of communication with their customers mostly have grown accustomed to, and work together to solve problems. They can show a welcoming face and avoid escalation of the dispute and the associated negative publicity.

Do you have a consumer problem, such as rejecting the claim? Seller does not communicate or you do not like his reaction? Do you think that you are in the right, and you're looking for a way to solve the situation, but does not want to whom to court? You do not have to. The easiest way to correct a service can be for the amicable settlement of disputes. "The website inserts a consumer complaint, which identifies a trader describes his case. Our consultants then draw up an opinion on the complaint and contact the merchant with the challenge to solve the case, "constitutes a service head of the legal department Dtest Green and Luke adds:" It may be a complaint for goods, services or practices of a particular vendor. "

Traders are mostly to consumer complaints head on. They realize that it is better for them than any litigation. Thanks to a helpful solve the problem the customer can recover, while bad experiences between people spread rapidly. Among the companies that readily react to complaints, they are one of the larger ones such as O2 Czech Republic, Vodafone Czech Republic,,, Internet Mall, Kaufland Czech Republic or OKAY. Conversely, still remain inactive, for example, T-Mobile, Raiffeisenbank, Penny Market, Tesco and Ahold. People have frequently complained about the company Czech post, Westerfield Int. AG O2 Czech Republic,, T-Mobile Czech Republic, Vodafone Czech Republic, Rabator, Internet Mall.

"The unique properties VašeStíž services include the whole process of resolving the complaint is publicly available on the website Besides immediate solutions to specific complaints and serves as a source of information about individual traders access to customers. Consumers have the opportunity to find out how the trader who reacts to solve any problems, "says Green.

Since starting operations in 2013 VašeStíž service records of more than 9,200 cases. Consumers complained about the hundreds of different merchants. This year alone, 2,900 complaints were filed.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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