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Let the children get fat! They sent word from the Olympic Park in Lipno sports federations

Did you know that only 5% of Czechs do sports regularly and conversely 64% of them are not moving at all? It physically is doing much better children from smaller Czech towns than big cities? And if the current trend continues, the number of overweight and obese suffer from infants and young children by 2025 according to the World Health Organization worldwide will increase to 70 million?

Fortunately, sports unions are aware of this situation and launched various projects to promote physical activity among children in recent days is presented in the Olympic Park in Rio - Lipno, which has found its way to 300,000 visitors.

They especially around the Lipno Dam variety of sports they wanted to try the children. "It was sports, where the daily meeting a performance of queries on how their children can log into sections and where to find them. All we can easily recommend the online database clubs, "recommends Stepan Janacek responsible for stand Sazka Olympic decathlon, WTP program for elementary schools. In just the first week of the combined events in athletics 3500 people and the entire Olympic Park trail completed over 500 people from 3 to 82 years of age.

Water sports

On a raft in Loucovice with 11 days slid nearly 700 people, the total number Jakub Bican, the main organizer of the program whitewater, estimated at one thousand. This third were children. Often repeated questions as to whether to join a club and pay a rafting. All visitors were smiling and happy. This was confirmed by the chief instructor Matthew Zapletal: "I am pleased that we were able to pass on their experience to our visitors. It was a chance for complete laymen spend otherwise rare experience and sporting activity. "

Other water sports, speed canoeing, attracted visitors to pádlovací trainer. On the one within 5 days 320 people sat down and there was also interest briefing on the water. "Roughly 60% of people who had stopped were children under fifteen years of age. With them, many parents asked where paddles and what are the troops. The interest was great for our relationships and we feel good about it, "claimed Zbynek Laube.

The weather, which is not always the south of Bohemia climbed to summer temperatures, signed with an interest in the sport of swimming. "In the days when the air temperature was around 10 ° C, there were a maximum of 10 people per day who really jumped into the water. Ever since the weather improved, the number of swim by rapidly increased. On warm days, it was estimated around 200 people a day. Swam not only children, but of course, their parents and other adults, "says Vice-President of the Czech Association of Swimming Sports Hana Novotna that new athletes union gains mainly due to the activities of Sections and swimming školiček throughout the year.

Unique in the world in the park - a rotating round table

Of interest also enjoyed table tennis players who are prepared for visitors to the park twenty table tennis tables in various sizes and shapes and a unique rotating round table, only one of its kind in the world. On average, at this station for a full day during normal opening without controlled program of 1,760 people, half of them children. When driven programs such as tournaments, they were actively involved much more! On the table were people actually queue.

Czech Aerobic Association for Children launched a nationwide project Children at the start (DNS), which focuses on general physical preparation preschool and early school age. It is built on the development of basic movement motor skills, coordination, agility, speed and power. "Since the opening of the park to Tuesday, August 16 at the station tried our project, 3,500 children with an escort," says project coordinator Children at the start of Jan Boučková that most parents had an interest in your child involved in the project at home or open DNS center and the train. "in addition, we registered growth in site traffic by 40% compared to the previous month," adds Boučková.

Golf, which after a long 112 years, is making a comeback on the program of the Olympic Games, the park was very popular - every day clubs have picked up an estimated 1,200 people, half yet were children. "With the participation We are satisfied, interested adults and children was enormous and opportunity to get acquainted with our sport is unique. Tenth of people have asked how they can start playing golf, "says Radka Richter, who took care of the golf program.

Also taekwondo attracted during three presentations on the main stage on three dozen daredevils who asked how and where this sport can actively participate.

Likewise, multiply questions for volleyball and beach volleyball. On the turkeys in Lipno nad Vltavou and Frymburk already played the 1,300 people, of which two thirds were children.

Who plays naughty

There is also interest chess every day in the park has played roughly 300 people, of which about 70% of the children. "Active interest in the ability to log into the club showed an average of two people a day - mostly parents. Of course dozens of others urge yourself. I must frankly admit that the Olympic Park completely exceeded my expectations. Personally, I've tried a lot of interesting sports - perhaps beachrugby, which was quite an experience for a chess player, "he says with a smile from Peter Martin Chess Federation of the Czech Republic. Instructor Mark Little said: "Absolute satisfaction, people went to chess, we had a tent and Antonin Panenka."

Children also very attracted to tourism. Just three days when the park took place in the tourist industry, was found over 2,000 people who participated in them or tried other gaming activities. While three quarters were just children and interested in subscribing to a contact at the residence showed about 50 parents per day. Such interest comforted Zdenek Vejrosta of the Czech Tourist Club.

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