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Newly treated epic Ben-Hur

In addition ,, the hub of the action also bears the profound idea and all the characters are as if cut out of real life, "explains the director Bekmambetov why he decided to shoot the film ..

Ben-Hur is an epic tale of Ben-Hur, a descendant of the princely family of an important Jerusalem, whose adoptive brother Messala, a senior member of the Roman army, falsely accuses him of treason. His family, including my lovely wife, ends up in jail and he is deprived of his property and sentenced to life in galejím. After three years at sea Ben-Hur returned home with one thought - to take revenge on Messala for all wrongs inflicted upon him by. Therefore, invite him to a duel by four races to prove that truth and victory stand at his side.

On the new version of one of the most popular films in history, viewers can look forward since Aug. 25, when the film was shown in Czech cinemas and 3D format.

When he was director Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted, Night Watch) approached to take charge of directing, initially hesitated. The scenario proved to be incredibly meaningful and impressive. ,, In addition to the hub of the action also bears the profound idea and all the characters are as if cut out of real life, "the director explains why he decided to shoot the film. ,, Emotional theme of the film Revenge vs. forgiveness is timeless. Conflict between the two main characters is the same today as it was thousands of years ago, "says one of the producers. The highlight of the movie is deadly race with a horse čtyřspřežením Ben-Hur and Messala, who was shot 32 days. The scene required a three months intensive equestrian training for the actor's representatives Huston and Kebbell.

Outside Jack Huston (longest drive), Toby Kebbell (Warcraft: The first clash, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) in other roles appears Morgan Freeman (fiddler 2, Last Vegas), Rodrigo Santoro and Nazanin Boniadi. Freeman played the role of Sheik Ilderim who got against the original figure of more space. After what Ben-Hur manages to escape from slavery, IIderim befriends him and gives him his experience - among other things, how to lead a horse čtyřspřežení. ,, I noticed that the director and producers a laugh. When on set often hear laughter, you know that they are satisfied with how it goes, "says Freeman, who enjoyed shooting. Akin hopes that this epic story attracts today's audience, thanks to the overall style, cut, but overall actors' performance. Ben-Hur poselsví brings not only about faith but makes you think.

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