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LSS: Twelfth Night, The Merry Wives of Windsor and two Slovak Othello!

This year's Summer Shakespeare Festival is slowly approaching its finale, but spectators can still catch three extraordinary performances.

If for some performances festivities we can say that it is sheer audience hit, then these are the Merry Wives of Windsor Simona Stašová, Eva Režnarová and Bolek Polivka in the lead roles. Thoroughly entertaining production directed by Jiri Menzel will play from next Monday (August 22) in pleasant surroundings Summer Scene Music and Dance Academy of Performing Arts at Lesser Town Square.

On the same day the Supreme Burgrave return this year's novelty Twelfth Night Anything you want to Marie Doležalová, Monica Timková, Nelo Boudova, Vaclav Copts, Milan Šteindler, Petr Stach and Martin Pechlátem that the whole show third respectively. September 4 concludes. In fact, for the organizers of great interest we managed to add Sunday 4. 9. single performance of Twelfth Night, so they Celebrations originally planned for one day longer.

But beware, before there will be two evenings (30th and 31th of August) belong to the extraordinary production of Othello Michael Vajdička, which premiered last year in Bratislava. The role of Desdemona here excels actress Prague Dejvice Theatre Veronika Kubařová, charismatic Othello is played by Jozef Vajda, Jaga plays Ľuboš church. You can look forward to Czech and Slovak.

"We are pleased that we have managed to bring this game to Prague. Challenging it was mainly from a technical point of view, "says artistic director Libor Gross." The scene is unconventionally located in the middle of the auditorium, which is very attractive for the spectators, but for example in the Supreme Burgrave fit the scene. However I found a solution so I can invite viewers to the scene of Summer Music and Dance Academy of Performing Arts at Lesser Town Square, where we mention this game. I believe we will have the same success, which recorded in Bratislava. "

In tragedy, which shows how far he can catch up with the aging male jealousy of a young wife how easily it can be treacherous words believe and what all this may cause, as Othello presents Jozef Vajda, one of the leading personalities of Slovak theater. About the game itself says: "The theme of love and jealousy is eternal and it is up to the director to immersion. In the production directed by Michael Vajdička no emphasis on racial differences, but we focused on a huge, yawning until the age difference between Othello and Desdemona, essentially the difference between the two generations. This topic in our society greatly resonates because today's aging men with young women become interesting in their status and financial background. Body wither, but the heart of man does not age - will always yearn for beauty and youth. That's a man's destiny. And Shakespeare is that absolutely timeless. "

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