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Austrian national and nature parks

Austrian national parks offer year-round countless memorable encounters with nature. Whether you're interested in the life of wild animals or plants untouched nature, in one of Austria's national parks have something for everyone.

The Austrian national parks inspire both in summer and in winter to inspiring encounters with nature. During this time we can learn that even the slightest plant has its place and role in the ecosystem.
Hans, the guardian of the national park, walking in front of us. Freshly fallen snow crunching under our snowshoes. Yet here tonight but we're not first, because our next stop we see traces of deer. Sunbeams, clastic peaks of the Hohe Tauern, oblévají tracks passing towards the larch forest shimmering light. It's beautifully and certainly not as stark as we first thought.

Along the way our Hans attention to green lichens on twigs of larch. They love sweets, especially pregnant does, because the trace elements contained in them make them to spring childbirth. Such a mystery known only to the insider's guide - guardians of the national park. They are with this country and literally conjoined with visitors willingly share their knowledge wherever the animals and plants can develop completely undisturbed - far from human habitations, traffic and hunters and fishermen.

Soon all six Austrian national parks, thus Hohe Tauern (Hohe Tauern), Limestone Alps (Kalkalpen), Gesäuse, Danube Floodplain (Donau-Auen), Lake Neusiedl - Seewinkel and Podyjí (Thayatal) is precisely such a strict protection of its valuable natural landscapes . A training guards-guides national parks know the exact spots where the chamois basking in the sun, sea eagles are issued for hunting, or where they are hiding all shades of emerald green playing lizards. Walking with guides unspoilt landscape of the national parks in Austria becomes an unforgettable experience and definitely want a more intense encounters with nature.

Source: tz, editorially modified
Photo to tz Franz Sieghartsleitner

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