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United Arab Emirates - luxury, rich underwater world and endless sandy beaches

United Arab Emirates is one of the fastest growing places in the world, especially in tourism. Indeed tourists offers the perfect conditions to spend a remarkable holiday.

Visitors will enjoy sunbathing in the warmth of the sand, the exclusive comfort of the local hotels, but also adrenaline experiences while scuba diving and other sports. Go here you can explore underwater caves or admire unique treasures in the Guinness Book of Records.

Exotic holidays at affordable prices

Emirates no longer serve only as a destination of wealthy sheiks and other upstarts. In the ranking of the best places to vacation traveler TripAdvisor holds 13th place. Furthermore, the cost of traveling to the resort are in decline. Reducing prices also helped the abolition of compulsory visas, now you only need a valid passport. "The average price of sold tours are this season even cheaper year by 6260 CZK per person. Dubai is an attractive and exotic resort with good accessibility. From Prague to Dubai, there are direct flights that take about five hours, "he illuminates Michal Tuma (Invia).

Warm sea as medicine

Sea washes the Gulf beaches with white or brownish sand and over the summer the temperature reaches a peak. Salt water up to 33 degrees Celsius helps to many ailments from sore back after skin problems. Bathing are two types of beaches; Public and hotel. Public morals and true Arab women must be veiled here. Conversely, on the beaches of the hotel no restrictions danger. Beaches in the UAE offering exceptional comfort. There are sandy, with good access to the sea and plenty of additional services. Everywhere in the water encounter abundant marine life. For lovers of snorkeling paradise East Coast, where you can observe different colored tropical fish, coral and even sea turtles. More experienced divers will appreciate the exploration of underwater caves near the emirate of Fujairah, where they can meet and actual sharks.

Safety with a few rules

United Arab Emirates is one of the safest places in the world. Low crime is associated with huge penalties that threaten local residents. Although it is a Muslim country, to tourists are liberal. At the hotel beaches with no one but are not present, so do not worry about any restriction of European manners. If you want to adapt to local and know the local culture, just remember a few facts. The Emirates predominant religion of Islam, so remember that Muslims do not eat pork, which is prohibited and imports, therefore pork delicacies in restaurants certainly not order. For women it is then better to have outside tourist resorts male escort. It is also worth considering sufficient concealment. For the ladies are not suitable uncovered knees, shoulders or large necklines and especially not to wear decent clothes from translucent or transparent materials. It is equally inappropriate to photograph veiled Muslim women and children.

Lovers of spices love the Emirates

Scent of cardamom, ginger or cloves. These and many other smells typical Arabic food. Spices Arabs considered since the time of King Solomon, when caravans went along with precious stones. "Traditional spices can also buy. The best part of the historic district of Dubai, for example Bastákíja, Deira neboBur. Do not hit these areas of modernization and there is a typical tourism business, "he Tuma. The dishes will meet with lamb meat, beef, fish or even a camel. A favorite is necessary shawarma - a dish of grilled meat and mixed vegetables served with dressing. Arabic tables often get a variety of nuts, dried dates and then vegetables like fennel, asparagus, squash or cauliflower. Among drinks then very popular tea, strong coffee and ayran, a milky liquid made from water and yogurt. It is because of specific dishes are the United Arab Emirates a popular destination for holiday especially for gourmets.

Emirates offers the highest hotels in the world and the largest candy store

United Arab Emirates is a country of many extremes. For example, you can visit here several monuments from Guinness World Records. In Dubai, Emirates's most populous city with a height of 828 meters rises the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa. It is interesting that this monument serve the fastest elevators manufactured in the Czech Republic. The UAE is also four top hotels in the world. Primacy holds JW Marriott Marquis with 1,608 rooms. However, the biggest luxury offers Burj Al Arab, the only hotel in the world with seven stars. In addition to high-rise buildings and artificial islands in Dubai is also home to the largest shopping center Mall of Emirates with confectioner's largest and second largest aquarium. A leadership holds in the capital of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Here you can walk largest carpet in the world, the most spectacular lit chandeliers, or admire the most leaning tower of Capital Gate, which is leaning a full 18 °.

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