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Work out with psoriasis, you and your skin will be better!

To get psoriasis under control? Start being active. Regular exercise not only improves fitness, but also can also alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis. You just need to pay attention to your skin and care it deserves.

It's no secret that regular exercise helps to reduce weight. You know that patients with psoriasis weighs 7% more than those without the disease? Why this is so is not yet clear. Between obesity and psoriasis, but there seems to be some connecting link. Probably it is a chronic inflammation that accompanies obesity. It is exacerbated by the symptoms of psoriasis. Additionally, it promotes the formation of fat cells, so that the patient finds himself in a vicious circle: the stronger the more fat cells continued to form. In addition to control obesity is exercise and other positive aspects. Leads inter alia to improve the function of the circulatory system. It is for psoriasis very important because they are prone to these diseases. Additionally, therapy is often in obese people less effective.

Pitfalls for active psoriasis

Even if you are aware of the importance of physical activity for health, it is often difficult to act proactively. Dress in swimwear or sportswear, and reveal places on the skin , which prefer to conceal, it is difficult. They lurk on psoriasis and other inconveniences associated with exercise.
Sports injuries that penetrate the skin, psoriasis may start sowing.
Sweating, especially underarm skin eyelashes or under the breast , symptoms of psoriasis worsens.
If you exercise too much and you also have problems with joints, these can be difficult and challenging improper movement worsen.

Take care of your skin

First secure to avoid unnecessary skin irritation.
Immediately after the workout, head to the shower and gently pat dry, rub the skin with a towel.
In places with increased friction, apply petroleum jelly or powder absorbing sweat.
Any deterioration dermatitis him immediately begin to heal.

Combine aerobic exercise and stress. For example, you can start yoga, which is suitable for patients with psoriatic arthritis (joint disease), and gradually move on to more difficult exercises.

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