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Absurd charges still on the course - across a range of sectors

Absurd charges still on the course - across a range of sectors When some time ago began in the nonsensical talk about different charges primarily in banking, there was literally a revolution. Since then, although much has changed, but it can be found in the tariffs of banks still interesting absurdity. Banking is not the only field where people pay extra unnecessarily.

A big chapter of "absurd charges" are also suppliers of energy and little is known about the necessary fuel card providers. In these fields, the true example for low prices or non-use service.

Advertising campaigns new players in the banking market could give the impression that absurd charges relate only large banks. But there are other institutions in their tariffs adorn unreasonable amounts for services that they can use for free elsewhere. The problem is that many of them do not speak and are often cleverly hidden. The banking sector took a positive development trend. "In general, most really senseless and absurd charges already on scales banks disappeared. Prices banking services went well in many cases significantly down. Yet they are still fees that the bank tariffs disappear, "says Markéta Dvořáčková development (Equa bank). According to her, she should not be charged, for example, when a client sets itself any service within the domestic payment in Internet banking.

Positive developments can be seen also in the field of energy suppliers. The electricity and gas supplier occasionally speaks not only in relation to the charges, but also because of unfair trade practices. "The situation has changed somewhat for the better mainly because the charges absurd talk. For example suppliers using doorstep selling has ceased to charge activation fees, which ranged need of around 500 to 1,000 crowns, "says John Poncarová, analyst, consultant and founder of the portal Energetická Some of the charges but still remain. "We can meet with penalties for early termination of contracts or charging a fee for the low rates, which I consider an absolute absurdity. People just pay for the supplier to guarantee the lowest price, so in effect pay more, "adds John Poncarová.

An example of the industry, where they are absurd charges yet strong position, the fuel card market. Their providers often charge such fees, which paradoxically fuel purchases more expensive. "As with fuel cards from petrol stations to customers receive attractive discounts, the same service cashless payments for fuel provides an unnamed Czech company for a credit card with no small fees. Customers such as refueling pay extra for every liter despite the two crowns. Then consider the peak of the so-called, operation fee "in the amount of CZK 97 that the company charges the same if the fuel card has not been used in a given month to pay," says Damir Durakovic (Axigon). Companies are advised to check whether the invoice for refueling have called, service charge '. This represents a premium per liter natankovanému a monthly sum amounts to several thousand crowns ..

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