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Strings for children to play out again colorful world of art

Strings for children to play out again colorful world of art When you play a muse - with this subtitle shall enter into mid-October Strings popular event for children in its seventh year. The program will offer fifty performances, concerts, art workshop center where artists, creative workshops and playful zones ...

..that All with one aim: Show the children the colorful world of art and other interesting subjects, offering them a chance to test their skill and talent for a variety of activities and encourage imagination. Just play with the Muses and rank among the art world's favorite irreplaceable. Teenagers remembers the series this year Program Teens.

Among those with the Muses and the kids really spins, we find Beata Hlavenková, Lenka Dusilová, Ivan Trojan, Milan Cais, En.drua, Ondrej Ruml, Polívková Anna, Lena Yellow, Jitka Suranska, Sophie Rich Internet with the band Mydy Rabycad or young piano virtuoso Martin Chudadi. A varied program will take place traditionally in the Minor Theatre, and the second time also in the New Town Hall. Comes alive and free of cars Vodickova street on the route between the two centers antics muses.

Among the children will visit a number of playful masters in his field: After last year's success into Minoru returns authorial project by Beata Hlavenková audiobooks Pišlici Philip Rychlebského. Ivan Trojan will read, sing Milan Cais, Lenka Dusilová, Peter Ostrouchov and Beata Hlavenková. In one round will nežánrový beatboxer En.dru, patron Teens program, which to collaborate on Open Micu and Džemování invited among other outstanding jazz pianist Vitus Kristan (title holder pianist 2016) and talented rising star Sisu Fehérová. As a guest at Džemování introduce Magda Sirschová, mesmerizing performer last year's Open balls.

Mydydětidětem is the name of the band live set, which this year managed to play at the legendary Glastonbury festival: the founding quartet will perform Mydy Rabycad led uncompromisingly energetic redhead Sophie Rich Internet. Ondrej Ruml sings the immortal songs of Jaroslav Jezek and a pair of V + W, will accompany him great Matej Benko Quintet. Young piano virtuoso Martin Chudadi as a guest invited Beata Hlavenkova together and humble genre barriers. Lena Yellow, famous singer and vocal group YellowSisters Mateřské.com comes with his solo project, involving a composer and pianist Tomas Sykora. Play and sing, children will be able violinist and singer Jitka Suranska and mandolin Martin slices, Anna Polívková Michal Kurtis, unforgettable StarDance winners from 2013, will guide the world of dance.

Complete program and all details are available here .

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