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Summer Letná waits for a weekend full of premieres

Summer Letná waits for a weekend full of premieres A sneak solo performance of one of the leading figures novocirkusové scene of Daniel Gulko, Czech Prime Minister adored staging Edgar's Echo, colorful parade of domestic groups and artists, an evening dedicated to the emerging generation of artists and performances for children - international festival Summer Letná enters its second week, again with a packed program.

The 13th annual Summer Summer has had a successful start. Trinity foreign ensembles Limbo, Circa and Cirque Le Roux said the style and the enthusiastic audience earned prolonged standing ovation. No less stormy acceptance waited to see after the premiere of her new show home and Losers Cirque Company. All four are performances at the Summer Letna on display until September 4.

Today, the audience waits best of mime creation Radim Vizváryho in performance proverbially called Solo. Le poids du vide is to change the name of a show, which consists of fifty meters and two red rope artist - Stéphanie N'Duhirahe and Morgane Widmer, a package of Cie des Pieds perches.

Tomorrow will be especially Daniel Gulko. At 19.30 will give a preview of his brand new solo show about the search for identity and the eternal dance of life Bottom. Even before that from 17 pm introduces the Chaos Heart, which he directed with his students from the third grade Physical Theatre Studio Theatre Faculty. Young actors and acrobats under his leadership will play a colorful caricature with a hint of a sardonic grin and music by the renowned percussionist Pavel Fajt accompany and enhance their improvisations and creative fantasy.

On Friday evening comes alive too "remote" Summer Summer scene, which this year became the first Archa Theatre. Just indicate the international team KREPSKO Theatre in the premiere production of Edgar's Echo inspired by the life and work of Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland.

On Saturday, ask to speak novocirkusových emerging generation of artists. Evening called Cirksession II organizes Cirkus Mlejn.

On Sunday, visitors can enjoy the Still Life Andrew Holby. Author's visual performance Inspired by René Magritte brings a slightly naive, implausible and sometimes ridiculous image (not) functioning of our minds. The second presentation of the Study / Shames file Holektiv.

Summer Summer also offers a daily performances for children, beginning at 11 am.
There is also an accompanying program including evening music production, film screenings, workshops for both children and an exhibition in the trailer.

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