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Headache can cause a runny nose!

70-80% of the population suffer from headaches, about half of them at least once a month. Although in most cases it is a symptom of serious illness, this difficulty can significantly reduce quality of life. The cause of headaches are not only allergies, but often cold.

Beware of the difference in treatment

Rhinitis, or inflammation of the nasal mucosa or mucosal inflammation of the paranasal sinuses is a common cause of headaches. They are called sinusoidal. This type of headache is not easy to identify. Many patients who suffer from difficulties troubling is also a migraine. Therefore, if you suspect that your problems can be of origin should thoroughly inspect your doctor. Treatment sinus pain and other types of headaches is in fact quite different.

Not to be confused with migraine

Acute inflammation of the mucosa of the sinuses, called. Sinusitis, is the result of bacterial or viral infection. It is often reported as the cause of pain, headache, since it is assumed that the pressure in the cavities of which also originates. Pain in the forehead but are more often caused by migraine. This is so because of similar pain localization mistaken for sinus headaches.

Solve and allergy

Chronic rhinitis and sinusitis are frequently associated with allergic rhinitis - everything can lead to headaches. Nasal mucosa is swollen and clogged nasal cavity. The solution in this case is visit an allergist to find out whether they have any allergies, and possibly help alleviate its symptoms.

The symptoms are not specific

Headache associated with fever is not easy to diagnose. What may suggest that it is precisely on this issue? Pain is a signal:
head on the forehead or elsewhere in the face,
head during simultaneous rhinitis or sinusitis,
head that the treatment subsides within 7 days.

what occupies

To treat rare bacterial rhinitis or sinusitis may be used antibiotics. Another possibility is after steaming, corticosteroid medications or so. Decongestants for alleviating swelling mucosa. If symptoms do not subside after-treatment, it is possible that the doctor recommends surgical treatment. In the therapy of chronic problems is the intent of particular allergy treatment. In the first place it is necessary to avoid allergens, if possible, starts after drug treatment.

healing waters

To headaches posed by the inflammation of the nose to prevent, focus on proper hygiene of the nasal cavity. Regular rinsing flushes away allergens, dirt, bacteria and increases the resistance of the nasal mucosa. The market is offering several products. These are called. Friendly decongestants, which include, for example, seawater and thermal water. Regulate the status of the nasal mucosa, reduce its congestion and speed up the movement of mucus.

Article collaborated on Anna Čermáková
Expert guarantor article: MD. George Náhlovský
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