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Weight loss versus intellect or: How I cured of diabulimie

Eating disorder in which leaves their diabetic disease, uncontrolled deliberately in an attempt to lose weight - it's diabulimie. More and more people with this problem resolves publish their stories of illness and healing. Among them is type 1 diabetic named Asha.

About how processes in the body can decompensated diabetes lead to weight loss and why is this unhealthy weight loss, we recently wrote in this article . Now, therefore, the phenomenon named diabulimie mention only briefly.
Diabulimie mainly affects young girls with type 1 diabetes.
Such a person misses doses of insulin and often indulge in considerable consumption of sweet. This causes decompensation diabetes.
Uncontrolled diabetes, the body burns carbohydrates instead of fat reserves. While leaving the urine together with glucose, a large amount of water. Both lead to weight loss and weight loss.
Thus induced weight loss but it will not last long. Hyperglycemia addition, endangers human health and the life of a variety of acute and long-term complications.

Food as a curse

Now 27letá American Asha Brown is the founder of the organization We are diabetes , which aims to raise awareness about eating disorders associated with diabetes. This step led her own experience - a few years of life with diabulimií. He ended up in the hospital. Freely we have translated her story. "I was diagnosed with diabetes at 5 years. Ongoing restrictions, counting carbohydrates and explaining my illness to others eventually led to the fact that I got bitter and dismissive attitude toward their disease. It found it easier to let high blood glucose than are constantly monitored and feared hypoglycemia. So I just started to ignore diabetes. "

Information and decided to love

Asha diabetes is not absent altogether, but simply their treatment regime and "did not take so seriously." She could eat what she pleased, and skipped insulin made sure it remained slim. What Ashu torn away from its unhealthy approach was to an article on diabulimii who accidentally appeared in the magazine. Until that moment, he thought it was his approach only. She lied to your doctor about the causes of high glycated hemoglobin, and therefore never get the correct information. Now she knew just about everything - about diabulimii, its dangers and how you turn. Commitment to actually seek help, however, found only as an adult, married woman, thanks to her husband. He would not tolerate it, how Asha harms health. With diabulimií he lived for 10 years.

Not ashamed to tell you about help

In an interview, the original can be found here , as well as Asha described his stay in Melrose Institute for eating disorders. This institution also offered a special program for people with diabetes. From the commencement of the treatment program was afraid. She had no idea how her body responds to the new regime, afraid of losing control over myself. She found, however, that he feels and looks much healthier. Weight gain was not staggering, but significantly increased energy, confidence and a healthy perspective on herself. All diabetics and diabetičkám who are struggling with an eating disorder, Asha advised to first talk with someone you can trust. At the same time he says: "The problem that you are experiencing, do not be ashamed. You are entitled to your feelings. The right to be angry at chronic illness and have to worry about their appearance. Cultivated an eating disorder but not a solution. Is there a way to cope with everything and maintain a healthy body and mind. "

Source: Diary of a diabetic

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