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Indian summer beckons for action to the Botanical Gardens in Troja

French writer and philosopher Albert Camus once remarked that autumn is a second spring when every leaf turns into a flower. Although autumn is already knocking on the door, but by the end of September we have astronomical summer. The Botanical Garden of the City. City Hall about it, visitors can see for themselves and enjoy the interesting events in the magical atmosphere of the Indian summer.

"In September, we in the botanical gardens in Prague - Troja faces a series of events that will surely attract many a visitor. Visitors can enjoy a traditional vintage, in which they will be able to taste the new wine and wine from the vineyards of St. Klara, but also from other vineyards, view an exhibition of pumpkins or just enjoy the colors gradually coming autumn listening to music wanderings. In the greenhouse Fata Morgana is ready for September Empire Exhibition of tropical ferns, "says Ulrich Vacek, Director of the City Botanic Gardens. City Hall.

The most beautiful season in the garden is generally considered spring. Maybe because after all winter long blooming, fragrant. Not so. In the garden each season nice and autumn their colors and scents of spring easily compete. "In late summer, everything matures, we are reaping the fruits of coursework, we look forward to the harvest, we celebrate the harvest and after the work done we can finally relax together with calming the nature admiring magnificent views of the city, "says director Ulrich Vacek. Indian summer is also still warm enough so invites you to relax on a picnic blanket in Ornamental garden or sitting with a glass of fine wine on the terrace vineyard sv. Klara.

And why go to the Botanical Gardens in Troja well with their children? Children will inspire včelým glass beehive, šiškovištěm inviting to play, natural Piškvorky, lithofonem, which can chime stones or hammocks on the exposure side. Botanical Garden for the smallest prepared a map with which can be a fun way to explore the botanical gardens and learn a lot of interesting.

The Ornamental garden in the central and perennial planter letničkovém visitors will flood the greatest richness of flowers. Why not to come closer look at the colorful coneflowers, třapatkovky, marigolds, ornamental tobacco, massive blooms of dahlias, canna, gladiolus or herbs such as calendula, edible flowers lichořešnice or yellow flowering goldenrod. If someone wanted the exotic, just look in the greenhouse Fata Morgana, where many flowers blooming throughout the year. In addition to the intoxicating scented crayons, beautifully colored orchids blooming in the greenhouse as well hibiscus Madagascar and Indian creeper. Rarity is not flowering vanilla from Africa.

Botanical Gardens hl. City Hall is not just about plants. The turn of summer and autumn include events that connect the plant kingdom with the human world. Visitors can look forward to innovative experiences.

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