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Safe Return to school

Safe Return to school Holidays are a thing of the past, but we all want the fullest enjoy the last few days of summer. We must not forget, however, that the accident occurs in a few seconds, but the possible consequences may change the peaceful life of the whole family for several long months.

Over the last vacation week (22 to 08.28) died on Czech roads total of 22 people. This is the most tragic week the balance of this year. Let's make these dire statistics have become a thing of the past. Caution should be observed constantly, but especially at the beginning of the new school year.

With this period is annually associated increased number of accidents. For the highest risk age group they are considered children under the age of 12 years. But not only them ..

In the context of ensuring maximum safety around schools and kindergartens annually to strengthen its activities as well as police forces, which oversees compliance with speed limits and safe pedestrian crossings. Let's go for a happy return of children to school to do our best and we did.

To prevent possible injuries, recalling several security principles that we should instill in children:
1. Always make a stop on the sidewalk in front of the pedestrian crossing.
2nd Take some time to evaluate the operation of vehicles on the road.
3. If the crossing is not equipped with traffic lights, let drivers know that we want to move to the other side.
We can not rely on the 4th, the driver stops, and therefore with him to make eye contact to make sure that we actually see.
5th are moving without undue delay.
6. If you are moving the transition to a multi-lane road and the driver stopped in the first lane, and we are moving, we need to make sure that we also see oncoming driver in the second lane.
7 And drivers should pay more attention to what is happening on the road, because children are restless after the holidays and nepředvídavé to traffic situations.

The important point is the safety of the use of reflective elements. If a pedestrian wearing reflective material is for drivers is visible up to 200 meters. In the case dark clothes is only visible to 18 meters. Reflective elements is a good place to sleeve ends, to the level of the waist and knees, kids going to get also a school bag fitted with reflective elements. If the driver is driving speed of 75 km / h requires a minimum of 1.5 seconds on the awareness of the potential dangers, however this time travels 31 meters !!! Reflective material we buy only from certified manufacturers because the market is, unfortunately, there are also uncertified products whose luminosity is not sufficient.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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