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What are the pitfalls lurking in the supermarket

When you are going to need to buy in the supermarket, it's hard to imagine that it would be useful to study psychology before buying, marketing or law. But retailers knowledge of these disciplines have and sometimes boldly use. What are the pitfalls you may lurk?

The goal of traders is primarily to sell their goods, often because they use all sorts of tricks. Many people, for example, believes that it will find the best quality goods on the shelves at eye level or the wrong price invoiced can not do anything. In other cases they are not aware of their rights and should be under duress shop staff let you check the contents of a bag or stroller inspect to make sure there are not hidden ten chocolates. 'Bump or confuse everyone can and there's no shame to admit it. But it would be a pity from the mistakes of their own and mistakes of other consumers not to learn, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest, and continues:" On the basis of frequently asked questions from our consumer counseling we have compiled a brief overview of the most common pitfalls that for consumers when shopping and waiting it is right. "

Consumers often do not know that the seller is not it contracted security agency have the right to conduct personal searches, or browse the contents of bags of consumers without their consent. This right is only the Police. If the seller has a reasonable suspicion that he stole some consumer goods may detain him until the arrival of police. To their arrival, the consumer should wait. "If consumers incurred in connection with the unauthorized charges damage, whether moral or financial, may demand a public apology or financial compensation," says Green.

Often we perform everyday purchases in a hurry, with traders but are counted and trying different tricks to sell us a more expensive goods, or even what we do not need. "Long-term surveys of consumer behavior show that most are buying goods that are at eye level. Therefore, this is where the seller placed the most expensive products or products sold with the largest gain, while less visible places is even cheaper alternatives, "says Green, adding:" In most modern stores is also customary to place the daily food consumption to the farthest corner of the store. The seller then has ensured that the consumer goes through the entire store on the way for fresh pastries, and has a great chance to Cart events and other goods. Helper against spontaneous shopping can then be pre-prepared list of things you want to buy. "

The sales traders also helps music that the store may not always be entirely coincidental. Surveys have shown that through it is possible to influence shoppers. While the slow rhythms tempt slower walking faster pace leads to ráznějšímu purchase. "If the consumer himself regulate the way will be influenced by their buying behavior, you can venture into the ear own music," suggests Green.

In rare cases, traders 'invented' fee for use of credit cards, which charge customers to purchase goods. Seller is legally obliged to accept banknotes and coins Accepting credit cards is a voluntary activity and can therefore determine the rules. "Credit card payment is for sellers less convenient than cash, because it has the amount paid part of the money to pay the intermediary bank," he says green adds: "The fee is not required to give you advance notice."

Unfortunately, it not very rarely happens that the consumer is at the checkout charged a different price than that stated on the shelves with goods. The consumer can insist on a price that is more favorable for him, however, if the seller does not acknowledge his mistake may go home empty-handed. Salesgirl at the argument that the price is thus entered in the system and can not be changed, it is possible opacity requirement to summon the head of the establishment. If neither of them will fail to solve the problem, have no choice but to turn to the supervisory authorities. "If a consumer finds incorrect Charged prices retroactively, its probative situation is complicated, so it is recommended to monitor the prices of goods at the time of purchase or shortly thereafter," he concludes Green.

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