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Errors in the room schoolboy: placement of furniture, mattresses and poor little storage space

With the advent of school age to nursery equipment placed new demands. Parents should be able to balance primarily a space for learning and leisure. Many, however, when furnishing the rooms schoolchildren wits and commit errors, which may occur not only on the child's health, but also on his ability to learn. What are the most common?

Study Zone is a separate and properly equipped

Prepare for school children can be facilitated by a study zones, which clearly separates the space for fun. Your children will be able to fully concentrate on school activities and will be prepared next to a pile of toys or under construction kit. Study Zone arrange comfortable and organized. Items not related to the school to move to another part of the room, it does not distract attention.

Furniture deployed to guarantee an effective learning process. "At the desk you should not miss the window as a natural source of light. If there is not, replace it with a lamp, which provides ample illumination. This should in the case of right-handed people to fall from the front or left handed patients vice versa, an angle of 60 to 70 degrees, "advises Peter Triščíková (MT furniture). It should also have a first grader at hand plenty of storage space, nowhere to hide school supplies. Equip the room, lots of hooks and hangers where you leave the children briefcase and clothes to them unnecessarily restrict freedom of space.

There is no room for rest and play

With the deployment of nursery equipment related to the need to provide a space that is used for playing and leisure entertainment. On the one many parents get older child forgets or does not pay him much attention. Playing in childhood, even in the school, however, has an important role. Research conducted by the American Creativity Institute, showed that toys reinforce the self-esteem of children, increase incentives for completing activities and are the basis for creating positive social relationships. In addition, the playing zone does not necessarily mean the mess, help may be as the practical storage boxes for toys.

Room offers little storage space

As parents schoolboy let's not forget that with the advent of school duties increases the number of textbooks, exercise books and school supplies. Collection of articles on his desk is an inappropriate solution because it reduces the learning space. Grow as demands for storage space.

The room schoolboy would not miss shelves for books, shelves and cabinets with drawers for books and more storage space for school supplies. A variant is also multifunctional furniture. "If you do not take a whole new equipment, solutions may be additional mobile containers for children's desk. They include a number of practical outlets. Container plastic wheels allow for easy handling and easy to move as needed, "advises Peter Triščíková.

Furniture does not comply with proper ergonomics

Parents usually make the mistake that schoolchildren in a room retain the original desk designed for children younger age or a table, for example, eliminated from the dining room. However, it does not meet the demands placed on health and proper development of the child. When writing is because the body activates a large number of muscles, and it is necessary to provide appropriate support. Assume that the child will be at the table to spend a lot of time, and it adjust its character. Table height should vary depending on the height schoolboy, ideally between 70 and 75 cm.

When taking a workbench in addition pays to think ahead. It is likely that in the future your child will need to study computer. For these purposes, a special computer tables, which have raised sections for the location of the monitor so that the screen far enough to damage the baby's eyes. Disposition of the table eventually adapt also the height of the chair, which should be adjustable and support the tilted forward position, upright and relaxed. Therefore prefer to take a quality office chair that matches the requirements.

We are forgetting the quality bed with mattress

Child's grades at school, and his ability to learn is affected by many factors. One of the most important is the quality of sleep. Full-featured man sleep gives energy, strengthens his ability to concentrate, to receive information and solve problems. In addition, it controls emotions and behavior. A study by the National Sleep Foundation revealed that children who are excessively sleepy during the day, show at school more problems with learning, attention and behavior and achieve above-average results. The recommended length of sleep schoolchildren is why 9-11 hours a day.

The basis of restful sleep, among other things correctly chosen bed with a mattress. "The mattress should fit the physical disposition of the child. For younger children healthier mattress harder and stiffer, which serves as the firm support of the spine. For older schoolchildren should be zoned solution, which means that the shoulders and pelvis may provide a softer mattress support in the lumbar area, however, should be stronger, "said Peter Triščíková conclusion.

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