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Wall of love, love letters and messages or City Theatres of Prague desire love

Wall of love and love letters and messages from all over Prague, it is a big project Prague City Theatres, whose main denominator is unfulfilled love. This is the last premiere combines two theaters ABC and Rococo Eugene Onegin and Uncle Vanya.

Now these two productions of the theater want to bring audiences in different ways.
One of them is the Wall of lovers, visitors will find that the lower foyer ABC. "Anyone can write her message of his love and care if it is a secret, platonic or not reciprocated and long lasting. The message can also take a photo and add to the Facebook wall of his love, in this case, use the hashtag #zedzamilovanych. The wall has a clever design which is wound, and we are tense, how many meters you love ABC Theatre earns. The exact number can be found on the Night theaters on November 19, "said spokeswoman Teresa Koch.

Visitors notice he might even love letters, which are littered with both ABC and Rococo Theatre, but you can find it after Prague. One of them wrote to his beloved Tatyana and Onegin other is dedicated to beautiful deer from Ivan Vojnického So Uncle Vanya. Letters are also the invitation for new productions - the Divadlo ABC's Eugene Onegin and Uncle Vanya to the Rococo Theatre.

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