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ABC Rococo theater and began testing

ABC Rococo theater and began testing City Theatres of Prague began testing the first prime minister of the new season 2016/17. The stage will include clowns and top managers ..

The Rococo Theatre prepares director Peter Svojtka modern grotesque Urs Widmer Top Dogs retraining laid-off executives from high office.
The ABC Theatre is preparing productions August August, august beautiful dream about the match with ruthless reality. The game's first reading of the test personally read the author Pavel Kohout and povyprávěl about the circumstances of the game and their fate.

"Getting in Rokoko contemporary Swiss game Top Dogs. Of The Office after this will be our next "economic grotesque". It's a game built on paradox - Top Dogs, that top managers, those whose job it was to throw someone still are themselves fired. They find themselves in a kind of training, to a certain extent psychotherapeutic device where they have put together, to train in new management skills and - wait for the new application. We are witnessing a tragicomic insight into this world, into the bizarre, often traumatic fates that lie behind the smiling fashions seemingly unproblematic overlords. The author Urs Widmer encourages the production team to play adapt to their environment and their time. So it will be the Czech Top Dogs in 2016, "says
director Peter Svojtka.

Modern Swiss grotesque was originally written only for the Zurich Neumarkt Theater, but soon was staged in other theaters throughout Europe. The Rococo Theatre will premiere on November 5th and will feature production Henrieta Hornáčková, Dana Batulková, Lenka Zbranková, Zdenek Vencl, George Han, Luke Jurek, Radim Kalvoda, Michael Vykus and Zdenek Dolanský.

The second season will premiere on ABC Theatre Nov. 12 game August August, august, which takes place in the circus and excels wonderful language, poetic and unbridled creativity. Game for the first test, read the author Pavel Kohout and talked not only about its origin: "The play premiered in May 1967 at Vinohrady. They came a year after the Warsaw Pact forces in August. A word of August, almost every major languages ​​including Slovak translates as August. It was a sort of impression that it is a game of Soviet occupation. I did not contradict that impression, because the whole game is basically about how he died and how fantasy dream was killed by power. Legend and he lived on, and I think she deserves credit for that August to today finally received more than 120 putting on many continents and that until recent years was again playing the innocent, innocently acting philosophical version of the eternal struggle imagination and power. "

Clown Augusta Augusta, which has a big dream train white Lipizzaner horses, are played by Zbigniew Kalina. On the floor plan to the fairytale he unfolds his match with the director, who, like every evil personified, this dream gets in the way an impossible task. Before our eyes the circus becomes a metaphor for the world, and August represent all creative, crisp, beautifully naive, all the dreams crashing on the reckoner reality, politicos and ground schemers.

The other roles will see, among other things. Jiri Schwarz, Vasil Frederick, Daniel Choděrová, Stanislava Jachnická, Veronica Svojtkovou, Milan Kačmarčíka, Jan Hofman ad.

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