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Surprising sources of cholesterol

Pork belly, bacon, smoked meat, eggs, lard, so ... I guess most of us represents the main source of cholesterol. However, there are products in which this problem should definitely not expect.

Many will be surprised following list of foods that raise blood cholesterol. Items that while frequent consumption may increase the risk of stroke and heart disease, are really unexpected.

First Mashed potatoes

Potatoes themselves mean nothing dangerous for health. Vice versa. They are rich in vitamins and potassium. Help maintain blood pressure in the normal range and avoid the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, if you add the potatoes into large amounts of butter, milk or cream, increase the amount of saturated fat in your diet, which leads to a higher intake of cholesterol. When it was still to decide mashed potatoes, replace butter with olive oil and use only low-fat milk.

Second Liqueur Cordial

In the case of consumption of liquor type Cordial beware of added sugar. Not only fats, but also refined sugar increases cholesterol. To avoid this, give priority to prefer drinks without added sugar.

3rd Popcorn

Popcorn is not no danger. What, however, must be careful, as flavor enhancers in various versions of this product. Melted butter, salt, sugar, caramel - all contribute to high cholesterol. If you want to popcorn healthy zamlsat, add the corn pukancům prefer olive oil, cinnamon, small amounts of dark chocolate or chili.

4th Yogurt

Drinkable yoghurts contain large amounts of saturated fat, while the fat is not. Be careful, however that some "light" products have more sugar than the original full fat food. Therefore, when choosing a yogurt carefully read the labels.

5th Coffee

Latte, cappuccino, frappe, hot chocolate and many other popular beverages contain high amounts of saturated fats and sugars. If you want to take away from the cafe healthier indulgence, opt instead Americano coffee, tea or cappuccino with low-fat or soy milk.

Author of the article: Ing. Mgr. Hana Horakova
Source: U lékař

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