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Do you have sore muscles? Try regular stretching

Movement is important for all people with multiple sclerosis, and regardless of the degree of disability. His lack implies the risk of different complications such as limited joint mobility, or cardiovascular disease. Exercise also improves mood and enhances self-esteem.

Keep your body in motion

One essential part of the exercise should be to promote flexibility, or the ability to move muscles and joints in its entirety. Methods, which leads to stretching of muscles and tendons, are known under the term stretching. It is for patients with multiple sclerosis are especially important. It helps reduce or prevent muscle stiffness and painful arthritic contractures limiting the range of motion in the joint. To these would result in muscle weakness, stiffness and inactivity course of time. Reducing flexibility and reduced mobility contributes to the formation of muscle imbalances and asymmetries dangerous falls.

Tips for a safe workout

Individual stretching exercises is always advisable to consult a physiotherapist who will develop an individual plan. During the actual exercise, then keep following general rules:
Choose clothing that will not restrict movement.
Avoid overheating. Use a fan, air conditioning, a cold shower or cooling devices. Drink plenty of cool water.
Perform any movements that cause you pain, tingling and numbness or stiffness worsen. A slight feeling of tension is okay.
When you exercise do not rush. Give your muscles time to be able to safely stretch. Everything out slowly and smoothly. If possible, hold the stretch from 30 to 40 seconds. Subsequently, slowly return to starting position.
Range of motion should be a regular exercise gradually increasing. Listen to your body, however, never Do not pass through muscle pain.
If necessary, ask for help in stretching nearby. They should always be aware of how you train safely.
During stretching Think of regular breathing and hold your breath.
Overreach and indulge needed moments of relaxation.

Source: Ereska aktivně.cz

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