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How to get rid of ticks in your neighborhood?

Ticks love tall grass, shrubs and also the blood they eat. Try as far as possible to eliminate possible infection - prevention is always easier than treatment of diseases that these parasites are transmitted. Here are a few tips on how to recognize ticks from their proximity.

They are even in your garden

If you think that is on your property, as regards ticks safe, do not be fooled. These parasites can attack here. How to protect yourself?
Regularly remove fallen leaves.
Mow tall grass and hay as well as see to it that he carefully rake.
Keep lawns cut short.
If you have a garden timber, keep it dry.
Avoid introduction of unwanted animals (such as foreign dogs, who can tick transferred) to plot the fence.
Remove the old furniture, mattresses or waste - can render shelters for parasites.

Protect pets

Dogs are just like people prone to diseases that ticks carry. These include encephalitis and Lyme disease. Additionally, if a dog while walking in tick grabs, fetches him home. Here the parasite can fall off and look for another host - you. Symptoms of the disease in the dog are difficult to recognize. Most diseases will take effect after 7-21 days of infection, which the owner may not connect with the presence of ticks. Therefore, your dog some time to closely watch whenever parasite on him after his return from the outside discover. If a pet is behaving lethargic and lost his appetite, head out to the vet. Reduce the risk of infection may be as follows.
Every day, your dog look.
If you find a tick, remove it immediately.
Ask the vet that knows of instances in which infected parasites in your area, and these places to avoid.
Consult an expert about the preparations against ticks.

After each trip to the countryside do not forget yourself, children and pets as soon as possible to see.

Source: Tick-borne

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