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New treatment for diabetes and why it is afraid

Active substance named empagliflozin is one of the new drugs intended for diabetics. type. After its launch there were fears that it will significantly increase the incidence of urinary tract infection. Fortunately, but not confirmed.

Empagliflozin is unique in that it not only helps the wearer to regulate blood sugar (blood glucose), but also lose weight. Among its advantages include a low incidence of serious adverse effects such as hypoglycemia. Therefore, it is an attractive therapeutic option for many patients. But what of its effects on the urogenital or urogenital system? And why can have influence on these bodies? Reason's look at the mechanism of action.

How does it work

Our kidneys are a true miracle. Each day filtered entire volume of our blood about 50 times and still create around 180 liters of liquid from which it is immediately absorbed most of the back. Part of this fluid, called primary urine is glucose. Every day through the kidney profiltruje about 160-180 g of glucose transport proteins and returns it back into the blood (if it is not in the blood too, then the capacity is insufficient and the glucose gets into the urine). Empagliflozin is responsible for binding to these transport proteins and prevent back transfer of glucose. Glucose thus leaving urine, which helps significantly reduce blood sugar levels and also when it leads to a relatively large energy loss (and loss of excess kilograms).

Fears of yeast?

Of course, in this mechanism is important to remember that where your meal is free (in this case sugar), there also appears organisms that are able to utilize it. Fears that the intake of glucose standard testify microbes, which they can find their way into the urinary tract has not been confirmed. During clinical studies it was shown that the incidence of urinary tract infection compared to other treatment not increased. A small percentage of patients had a yeast inflammation of the external genitals, but these difficulties were described as mild and in neither case did not become a reason for discontinuation.


Yeasts have sugar really like and occur wherever it is more than it should be. Therefore, if you are interested in supplementing their treatment of empagliflozin, we (in particular, should), you would think I have an increased probability of occurrence of these side effects?

If you belong to a group of women that have plagued persistent and recurrent gynecological fungal infections, drug empagliflozinu consult your doctor. But if in this direction everything is fine, then there is a chance that his contribution very significantly outweigh the risks.

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