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Rhino female Eliska of courtly zoo already residing in Tanzania in a large enclosure

Female black rhinoceros Elizabeth, which Dvur Kralove Zoo in late June gave reservation Mkomazi in Tanzania, was already launched into a larger enclosure. Well, in Mkomazi thrive other rhinos bred in European zoos zahradaách.

"Elizabeth after the arrival of the new environment, getting used to the cage of wooden stakes. Now was launched in dozens of hectares where it is common in the African bush with acacia trees and gradually moving to natural diet, "said zoologist from courtly zoo Jiri Hruby, the launch of females in a larger enclosure directly in Tanzania organized.

Eliska at night can still go back to wood boma, which also receives a portion of food and water. The ration is already less pellets and hay had to undertake and feeding places in the bush.

"I saw her now after a month and a half and I must say that wild instincts she returned very quickly. Even to me, was not nearly as comradely as the zoo and the people keeping her distance, "says
George Gross. In a few months, this could Eliska associated with males.

In the book Mkomazi is going well as other rhinos bred in Dvur Kralove zoo. Together, they had four children. Females Hill and Tunu a courtly female Deborah born between 2011 and 2014. "Father Hilly and Tunu is originally courtly male Jamie, who was born this year, two more chicks - female Mobo in April and another female Georgina in June. Their mothers are females rushed to Mkomazi of English Port Lympne zoo, "says Jan Stejskal, head of foreign projects Dvur Kralove Zoo. Zoo believes that Elizabeth reproduction in the future to also join.

Read about Eliščino road from Bohemia to the east of Africa from the beginning: Zoo in Africa sends another rhino. Females Elizabeth will live on the reservation conservationists Tony Fitzjohna


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