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Up on the roof of the world or to travel to Nepal

A place where people and countries affected heaven. Nepal is a paradise for trekkers, mountain lovers, nature and mysterious historical sites. No wonder, after all, eight of the fourteen osmitisícových peaks, including Mount Everest, is located here. On the journey to this country but well prepared.

Protection from home

The basic vaccination for travelers who are planning to visit Nepal include those against the following diseases.
Hepatitis A vaccination is recommended for people ride in all countries of the world. In Nepal, however, threatens a really high risk of contracting this disease. The infection is most often transmitted by contaminated hands, contaminated water and food. Always follow basic hygiene rules and avoid risky activities, such as meals eaten on the street or in restaurants dubious quality.
Viral hepatitis B. Protection against this disease is part of a vaccination schedule as of 2001. Most adults therefore most likely not undergo this vaccination, although it is recommended. Risk of contracting hepatitis B is at risk around the world. Transfer is accomplished through the bloodstream or sexual intercourse. Vaccinations against hepatitis A and B guarantees lifelong protection.
Typhoid. In Nepal, typhoid fever can become infected by ingesting contaminated water or food. The surest way of protection is vaccination, which is carried out every three years.
Tetanus. The bacterial infection occurs most often when injuries. This vaccination is part of the compulsory vaccination calendar. Protecting but not continuous, after 10 to 15 years is required to undergo booster. Before departure, which makes it suitable for tetanus check the current force.

consider extras

If you are traveling to Nepal by public transport, consider vaccination against influenza and meningococcal and pneumococcal infections. From November to May is in Nepal breaks out an epidemic of meningococcal meningitis. Vaccination against rabies is suitable for people who embark on a long stay in remote areas far from medical care. Infection with this disease is always ends in death. Vaccination against Japanese encephalitis is recommended to travelers who from August to November to visit the southern part of Nepal. Every year on this viral disease many people die. In areas lower than 2,000 meters above sea level, there is also a risk of infection with malaria. The decision on the type of antimalarial protection is entrusted to an expert in the field of travel medicine.

Country in upheaval

Not only the earthquake that took place in 2015, but the current political situation quite shake the security of the country. As a result of protests due to the approval of Nepal's new constitution Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends caution when traveling to the southern regions of the Terai. It is also appropriate to avoid places with higher concentration of people, especially those on which the ongoing protest rallies. Nepal but in other respects relatively safe country. Crime is in comparison with the Czech Republic at a relatively low level. Lately, though an increasing number of minor offenses as theft or harassment of women in public. Appropriate clothing covering the neck, shoulders, elbows, knees and the unwritten duties, especially in remote areas.

Vigilance is a must

Before traveling close travel insurance. Furthermore, if you are going on a mountain hike, not enough conventional insurance, but you need to insure for hiking.
Never travel alone. In recent years, because there were several cases of disappearances tourists. Always hire a guide or go adventuring with a group of people. If you can not find a suitable partner, look after internet forums.
Even when traveling through Nepal true traveler a simple proposition: Boil it, I'll bake it, peel it, or forget it!
In towns and along busy roads is not recommended to travel by bicycle or motorbike. The local drivers is amongst those less disciplined.
Never touch anyone on the head and do not let people soles or shoe soles. This is considered very rude.
Polio patience. Strict adherence to deadlines or time is not near population of Nepal is too strong.
Remember universal adapter at home to AC power. Also keep in mind that in Nepal are daily scheduled blackouts.
Note also the monkeys. Especially those in the vicinity of temples like to receive valuable booty in the form of food or your personal belongings.

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