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Claim charging the phone can be just two months

Operators tested the attention of its customers various tricks. Changing contracts accounted for unordered services or charge penalties to which they are not entitled. Consumers can seek redress of complaints and then objection to the CTO.

Complaints electronic communications services, most often telephone services to mobile and fixed lines, but they also need cable television and satellite broadcasting, are governed by slightly different rules than we're used to claim the goods. Outside the Law on Consumer Protection is applied and the Electronic Communications Act, which has its own specific rules. "The difference is just in how quickly we complain," says Milos Borovicka legal adviser Dtest and explains, "a claim we have only two months since our bill arrives. Then our right to complain shall lapse and the operator will thus no longer have to deal with. "For services where the bill does not provide, such as a prepaid mobile cards, must be claimed within two months of service, a customer knows most by charging.

Complaint billing can be applied in many ways to branch operator in person, in writing or headquarters must call the customer service line or the complaint form on the website. "The moment the claim runs monthly deadline for settling here and entanglements occur first. We meet but with the fact that operators have a claim processed until several days apart and not expose consumer complaint report. Deadline for execution, then count up from the moment they receive a complaint to the headquarters, or since consumers send the message that has registered a complaint. This does violate the Consumer Protection Act, "blames gin and continues:" Operators do not have any exception to the way of receiving complaints, and thus they should issue a report, which will indicate the date of the claim, its content and the way to solve that consumers want. "The settlement of the claim the customer must be informed within one month, otherwise operators could be fined up to ten million.

You can claim any suspicious item billing or service quality. Operators twice but are not helpful, stand up for their beliefs and consumers often justified claims fail. "In such cases the Czech Telecommunications Office can lodge an objection against the complaint. Management costs 100 crowns and Office decides whether the operator acted correctly, or he directs accounting change and return the money, "explains Juniper and adds:" On the opposition have only one month after the settlement of the claim and its components can also be an incentive to impose a fine, if the operator when the complaint did not proceed correctly. "Operators often argue that their services no one complains loudly. It is time to convince them that consumers can really let everything like.

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