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4 + 1 tip for small bathrooms

While designing the house we bathrooms with toilets devote enough space in older homes, we have to make do with very limited space. The bathrooms in a block of flats often tend to have approximately four meters square, toilets, then a maximum of 1.5 square meters. The following tips can help equip a small bathroom and efficiently, functionally and at the same time according to modern trends.

Tip no. 1: Walk-in shower can be readily customized sizes

For efficient equipment small bathrooms that need the best use of the space offers us. The bathroom, however, should act openly and airy. I therefore gives many people in arranging smaller bathrooms prefer shower enclosure before bath. Ordinary bath Czech households had a dimension of 160 x 70 cm, while the cabin can be customized.
For smaller spaces are perfect angle and longitudinal showers. "Trends solution to the showers without trays, so-called walk-ins. Not only do they look good, but are easier to maintain and barrier-free. Shower then stand directly on the floor drains are designed liner floor troughs, "says Radka Prokop (Alcaplast). When selecting the troughs in addition to the production of material importance and flow rate. The ideal is at least 60 liters per minute, which prevents water leakage.

Tip no. 2: Ensure sufficient space around the sink

You can customize a small room and a sink. When arranging small bathroom for greater airiness recommended rather a separate sink without storage space. Important is also the location of the sink in accordance with other devices. Distance from the shower stall and toilets should thus be at least 20 centimeters. But it is a bare minimum, they are ideal for greater separation.

Tip no. 3: Space saving wall-hung toilet with SLIM system

Above dimensions need to think more thoroughly if it is part of the bathroom and toilet. Recommended minimum space to accommodate the toilet is 80 x 120 cm. To save space are ideal variant called Slim built toilet system. "Thanks předstěnovým installation systems Slim can save up to 5 cm. While Slim system is only 8.4 centimeters deep, a common pre-wall systems reach a depth of 12.5 centimeters. These dimensions are also necessary to added the supporting structure and a cover layer, "explains Prokop. If the toilet is near showers should be a spacing between them of at least 20 cm. The edge of the bowl and the door should be a minimum distance of 30 centimeters distance from the heater, then at least 50 centimeters.

Tip no. 4: Storage layered on himself

Furniture in a small bathroom should be robust and dark. Conversely, light, simple and elegant design small bathroom appear larger. Neither of storage space in a small bathroom you do not come. Just stick to the rule that you can not give the width, height goes up. Shelves and cabinets so you can layer any one above the other or side by side. It is also possible to use the space above the toilet and the door, which will normally remain free, but for small bathrooms is practical to use.

Extra tip: Increase room can at least visually

In small spaces suitable combinations of materials with bright luster. This has the same effect as a mirror - reflect light. The more reflective surfaces, the greater the bathroom operates. Walls and floor in a small bathroom evidenced by large-format tiles, in one or two decent color tuning. Decorations in the form of stripes or mosaic rather avoid, bathroom would unnecessarily reduced. Conversely room magnification achieved using two mirrors on opposite walls. Do not be afraid or materials that are nontraditional for bathrooms. For example, natural light stone, wood and glass give a very relaxing atmosphere and also the hallmark of luxury, whether in the form of tiles, furniture and accessories.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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