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Sea and enjoy traveling and autumn

Major Holiday Season this year is over. Neither the onset of autumn and gradual cooling in this country does not mean that you can not go out to sea. Fall wishes especially trips to exotic destinations. They offer warm weather and all the necessary services outside the main season. We present a few tips on destinations that are most this fall in the exchange rate. You can go to relax, diving, shopping and exploring new cultures.

Traveling in autumn brings a number of advantages. The seaside resorts and the most important monuments have been the biggest onslaught of tourists behind, they disappeared from beaches, especially families with children. On vacation so you do not squeeze or modify its program because of the long queues. Service hotels but after the main season remains at the top level, the choice of accommodation is also compared to the summer months much more.

The Dominican Republic is popular with Czechs

The Dominican Republic is the autumn one of the most exotic destinations for Czech tourists. Hikers will find both warm sea and swimming, with a whole range of places that are worth visiting. Strong experience as a visit to the capital Santo Domingo, where you will find interesting shops and tourist sites, led by the University or the oldest cathedral in the country. On the other hand, you know the original inhabitants for example when visiting a traditional cockfights or festivals. September 29th is here, for example, takes place in San Miguel Fiesta in honor of one of the most important saints of the country on October 7, again a big carnival. Another popular tourist destination is then fishing village of Cabarete, which provides insight into the lives of fishermen, but also offers a variety of water attractions.

UAE buy gold and substance

The United Arab Emirates offers everything an exotic vacation has to offer. The country will find a warm sea, hotels of different categories and a rich nightlife. An increasingly popular holiday destination but also enchant lovers of shopping. In Dubai, for example, you will find the largest gold market in the world where you can conveniently get the gold, pearls and precious stones of various kinds. The markets in Sharjah turn, you can buy exquisite fabrics with oriental designs. On his Fans of electrical engineering. Dubai is a very progressive city, available here are the latest hits from the world of mobile technology. Holiday shopping in Mecca this year is also cheaper than ever "The average price of sold tours are this season yoy cheaper even by 6260 CZK per person. Family holidays in the UAE will cost several tens of thousands less than in previous years, "said Michal Tuma (CA Invia).

The Indian Ocean diving

If you love snorkeling and scuba diving, choose for your vacation one of the islands in the Indian Ocean. Very popular as the Maldives, an island nation of Mauritius and Sri Lanka, which is located in Southeast Asia. All these islands offers the right exotica in the form of pristine beaches, unique fauna and flora and, ultimately, peace and romance. In addition, ocean inhabited by numerous colorful fish and seafood, which you can watch while scuba diving. As he says Michal Tuma and amateurs on the islands can enjoy diving. On the beach you can use the services of professional divers and different courses. Also while snorkeling but offers a unique view of marine life.

Cuba attracts the beaches and inland

Cuba belongs according traveler portal Lonely Planet among the sites that would in 2016 be missing on the list of any traveler. The largest Caribbean island nation is offering something for everyone. Cuba's Varadero Riviera provides a range of luxury hotels and beaches. However, offer the possibility of accommodation and outlying hotels that provide plenty of privacy. But Cuba is not only beaches, cigars and rum. Lonely Planet also highlights the beauty of the Cuban interior. Here you will find a beautiful landscape, which is listed on the UNESCO monumental rock formations. When walking or cycling trips plus you can watch the work of local farmers, who for centuries remained unchanged. NASA and the real atmosphere of the country, tour of local homes, or to taste local specialties.

Cape Verde inspire romance, surfers and nature lovers

The Cape Verde islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean not far typical of vacation destinations. Because of its diversity, but are becoming more popular. Nine inhabited islands which will enable you to everything from swimming in the crystal clear sea, over the volcano hike to mountain climbing. Vacation on the Cape Verde islands so you can plan exactly to your liking. The island of Boa Vista, for example, is home to one of the largest populations of turtles in the world, Maio offers some beautiful beaches, the island of Sal is due to windy weather again ideal for lovers of surfing and water sports. Fans of the original nature can go back to one of the parks or on a hike on the highest mountain Pico do Fogo.

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