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Storage space as well as decorative elements in the living room give way to new technologies

Function and style of furniture according to experts, historically reflect the current needs of the company. While in the Middle Ages was furniture for storing items of daily use, later featured luxurious centerpiece of the home. In addition, currently performs the function of design accessory that is periodically varied.

Changes of furniture influenced over the centuries, especially the living standards of society and its current needs and possibilities. "In addition to the basic utility functions of furniture, which is a priority for centuries, was also aesthetic transformations. Contemporary furniture offers a more sophisticated design and often serves as a symbolic and fun, "describes the transformation of the Secondary School of musical instruments and furniture Jan Opitz. Particular style according to him responds to the state of society. "A typical example is a French invention of seating bags from the late 60s of the 20th century. The period is characterized by a relaxed mood, making communicating with the consumer lifestyle of the Western world. This design would hardly occur in the atmosphere 40s or 70s, when the company burdened by economic recession, "said Opitz.

Environmental influences are also reflected on equipment Czech living rooms. "The transformation occurred in the storage, representative furniture ', which is very reduced. The cause is the advent of computer technology and prosperity, things have to skimp on a rainy day. Books and decorative items for preparing exhibitions and visits ceased to be fashionable, and things of common use are now stored in the storage systems or chambers, "explained Peter Brunecký from the Department of Furniture, Design and Habitat at Mendel University in Brno. Conversely table or seating furniture in the living room significant change noticed.

Bruneck passed by changing the space that is known as the living room. From Gothic to Biedermeier has a living room with kitchen, then due to abrasion during cooking room separated. Today, thanks to shrinking housing, better quality and extraction technologies and the existence of semi room again purposefully connect. Reacted to this trend and furniture makers. "While previously asked producers emphasis on reconciliation seating assemblies with a coffee table and sofa, and now are available also dining tables or kitchen counters corresponding to features living room," explains Petra Triščíková (MT furniture). "People so they often facilitate the work of selection and does not need furniture in the living and kitchen area difficult to collect and combine, "says Triščíková.

Similarly, turned the period during which the furniture to serve. "While in the past it was used until than destroy, rather now fulfills the function of fashion accessory," describes the trend in residential designer Veronika Uhrová. This is confirmed by Peter Brunecký from Mendel University, under which he became a furniture durables goods. "Furniture who have previously received multiple generations, today replaced by the rich countries need to diversify it almost every five years depending on the solvency of the country's population. Under socialism in the country while furniture were rotated approximately twice in a lifetime, "says Brunecký.

Krátkodobějšímu taking concrete furniture corresponds with a greater willingness to household equipment experiment. "People are no longer afraid to buy a significant piece of furniture, he knows that prices are not so high that they could not afford it for several years to amend the new, more recent trends," explains trends in shopping behavior Petra Triščíková. According to her, the more frequently-changing furniture includes a smaller storage space, chairs and other furniture piece, whose purchase can transform the appearance of the living room without the high cost.

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