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Jitka Šuranská Trio new album about desire and its many forms

Violinist and singer Jitka Šuranská found a great teammate, mandolin and double bass Krajicek Martina Mariana Friedl, and together they recorded eleven songs in a studio in Zlin and produced by Slovak musician Stan Paluch. The cornerstone of the album are the East Moravian folk songs in great arranges this trio, but there is also author compositions Mariana Friedl.

Basis debut album Divé geese form the basic chord musical instruments Jitka Šuranská Trio, that is singing, violin, double bass and mandolin. In the recording studio, however, the trio took advantage of their instrumental skills and so in eleven compositions you can hear other instruments such as small dulcimer, whistle Bačovská trúba, platerspiel, octave mandolin and small percussion. "We chose the songs created arrangements and gradually came more ideas revival instrumental album, "explains Jitka Šuranská preparing the album." we stood before choosing to invite guests or try out our options. He won the second option and especially Marian showed an incredibly capable player for anything. "

Soundcloud opening track Jablůško

Jitka Šuranská, Martin Krajicek and Marian Friedl as a trio first introduced two years ago. Then he began to shape their common musical language is based on Moravian folk music spiced with original instrumentation and distinctive gaming potential of each member of the trio. Jitka Šuranská as saying: "I would hardly find another jazz bassist, who is also a great player on folk flutes and cymbals. And so I hardly found a second mandolin, which naturally connects with the genre, how we play, that you feel that the mandolin in the Moravian traditional music had to be forever. "

Jitka Šuranská been in recent years included several notable recordings and projects for which it has earned not only respect, but also won two music awards Angel in the World music category: Písňobraní (2008), Nězachoď Ladybugs (2013). Each of her new recording is as expected with tension and even respected English journalist Simon Broughton (from the prestigious music magazine Songlines) concluded his article about Moravia words: "Jitka Šuranská is someone to watch." Joining Martin slices and Marian Friedl only enhances her abilities and Divé geese album is the perfect proof.

Jitka Šuranská Trio Dive geese

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