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Gross building before winter. What it is necessary to catch and what can wait for spring?

Building a house is expensive and time consuming matter, which are not to be underestimated. Many investors use precisely the upcoming period ending of summer and the upcoming autumn to before temperatures drop below zero, managed their living getting to the stage of construction. What do you imagine under this term? What unfinished buildings can not be missed, and under what conditions continue to implement even in winter?

You've had a choice of suitable land, which is connected to utilities, you have a building permit and project documentation for the house. It remains only to let themselves into the building dream house - whether with the help of professionals from the construction company or yourself. How to begin?

It is based on fundamentals

Good foundations are important in building a house and that's doubly true. Fundamentals fact carry the weight of the house to the ground, and their proper implementation is therefore crucial for its construction. For good subsoil can generally make do with cheaper foundation strips in problematic choice falls on a compact base plate that carries the weight of the house on its entire surface. During the implementation of the foundation structure is essential to consider the imposition of technical networks and proper waterproofing.

Walls, ceilings and balconies

If you're ready to basics, you can try the actual construction of the house. Gross building includes all the outer and inner bearing walls, as well as all ceilings, non-bearing walls and a loggia or balconies. When selecting the material should always choose the vertical and horizontal structures of a building system. "The modern building systems today is counted with a complete range of construction accessories, which includes, for example translations, corner bricks and other elements. It is therefore not necessary to cut or mow walls, "explains Martin Urbanec, technical adviser KM Beta.

The construction must be under roof

Just as a house can not miss the basics, it is an integral part of the construction site also completed the roof substructure, including the laying of roofing and chimney passage. "Even before starting your own coverage, it is important to check the insulation and finish casting the film. It is important to use high quality film and work the right technological procedure. Unfortunately, even today we see that the film is nailed to battens nails or not sufficiently overlapped, "cites Martin Urbanec that thinking is already in building good for accessories including useful small, as necessary stepping grates.

Windows, doors not only against unwanted visitors

The house, which has all the walls and roof, it is necessary to finally also be closed. Windows, entrance and balcony doors have to rough building a double purpose. First, house, although it is still unequipped will protect from unwanted intrusion, then secondly allow tempering the interior (ie its heating up and maintaining a constant temperature), and last but not least, implementation of internal construction work during the winter season.

Break through the winter? With the new technology is needed

Enemy builders and investors eager was always winter and low temperatures. With decreasing temperature, namely slow chemical reactions in the materials, and may even cease completely. In addition also some materials threatens frost crazing. Necessary shutdown when temperatures drop below zero, can be prevented. Specially adapted bricklaying mortar can be up to a temperature of -5 ° C and are available as a cement screed or additives to plasters.

Give the construction time to relax

Although today's technologies enable builders almost continuous work - assuming that the temperature outdoors holding up these -5 ° C - is in place to keep the rough construction of a house in the end for some time to rest, so-called "vymrznout". The house and gave space to really dried out, dotvarovaly the materials used and all structures properly seating. At the spring season, when the construction of a proper rest, so you need to let Resolved exterior plaster and insulation.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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