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Cool autumn: good for schoolchildren order, you rest.

September brings with it not only relief that children have again been busy and there are not everywhere, but also a number of questions: What time begins with basketball? You have done your homework? You took clean clothes to exercise? Where you hid pupil? Why are these things strewn around the living room? Care of home and family with school children is not easy. Therefore, we have for you a few tips on how to simplify everything and tuition cope fine.

The first school days are pretty hectic, whether you're home or small schoolboy experienced first grader. Signing books and notebooks, careful checking bags, getting up early and coming up with the first snacks. Additionally, if you enroll your child into several rings, you have a home whistling the flute, the constant washing of sports jersey or watercolors and charcoal soiled shirts. And he spent considerable time in the car on the driver's personal position. The Council experienced parents reads: Mainly from the nezbláznit.

autonomy primarily

Be their offspring available to answer nosy questions, but Deliver them courage and confidence to handle things themselves. Haunting bad marks is definitely not a good start. On the contrary, encourage and praise children to school and to leisure activities enjoyed and did not take them just as boring duty. Learning anything new then goes considerably easier. Between schools and clubs but the children leave for a while to play. You do not have to organize them carefully every afternoon. Conversely enough freedom to help their independence and during the weekend propršeného then they can entertain themselves.

Plan and Regulations

At first glance this sounds like a contradiction against the previous council, but some activities you deserve regularity. Predictable mode in addition to many children make the transition between kindergarten and first class. For example, it is important enough rest and sleep, and not just for smaller children, but also for you. Go to bed at the same time each morning then get up more easily. Do not forget that up to twelve years old child needs about nine to 12 hours of sleep.

"For you alone will undoubtedly be the greatest help planning your diet for a week. Breakfast, snacks and dinner do not leave to chance and prefer to write what will be a day to eat. With a large purchase will save time and money and better We will monitor if your family had enough fish, legumes and fresh fruits and vegetables, "says Vera Burešová, nutrition consultant.

Join forces

Every evening, you and a schoolboy used to the ritual when reviewing completed tasks, Nachystám everything you need to prepare a briefcase and clothes the next morning. Together, you can go also to snacks. This helps the child to more independence while gradually handing him responsibility and a sense of importance. Additionally you indulge themselves more free time that you need to spend with your favorite magazine.

Collaboration with parents greatly appreciate mainly for domestic work. Enter tasks Allocate activity, and the sooner you start the better! Let's sweep, setting flatware, take away your dirty laundry to the washing machine to clean the dishes after themselves. Although it is not perfect, in a few years you will not wait annoyed expression saying "why me?". On the contrary kids involved in household and will easily get used to them naturally.


"Regular cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, window washing and ironing while you do it yourself or let the children gradually. Pleasant alternative is far less popular these chores off to someone else, "says Iveta Čekanová, chief trainer for the ladies cleaning (LidskáSí Spend your time saved prefer unread books, pleasant idleness or wandering through the woods with the children.

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