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Foods that do not eat, you can give. Public refrigerators operate across Czech

Already in several Czech towns have their public shared refrigerator. Ordinary refrigerator with extraordinary purpose - people do it wears foods that do not consume, and offers them to the needy. The first public refrigerator launched in Pilsen, Czech Budejovice followed, Pelhřimov, Chrudim and Prague. In the capital on Saturday as part of celebrations Different City Experience opens already in order, this fourth Prague shared fridge. The point is not in Bio Oko In Prague 7th

Most often they operate refrigerators at public cafes. The operator is in fact still has eyes and, together with the founders of care for cleanliness and check that it stored the food does not spoil. Public refrigerator, for example, people will find at Café halfway Pankrác in Prague, Pilsen nonprofit cafe Perfect World, Pelhřimov Agatha cafe or in the yard of Ceske Budejovice literary cafes moon day. Two of refrigerators in Prague is located in an area of ​​the residence hall, specifically Roosweltova dorm ALL in Holešovice and along the Vltava River to South City.

Their founders maintain that the main impetus for the establishment of a shared refrigerator was an effort to avoid unnecessary throwing dishes and flavor to participate in events in the town. Public refrigerator in the Czech Budejovice established Johan Prokop and Susan Orlova for a school project.

In their experience, people matter in the refrigerator rather give than you yourself take. "Maybe it's because they are not yet accustomed to marry and better food let others potřebnějším - although the fridge is not primarily a project for the underprivileged, but we want to be for all, "they added. Grateful diners as students who do they go to the fridge for an evening snack.

Contents of the refrigerator is always a surprise. People in Pilsen her often put off children's snacks, fruits and vegetables. In the Czech Budejovice, you can come across a variety of jams, yogurts, cheeses, appeared there and caviar or pepperoni. In addition to having a refrigerator in the cafe Budweiser is also room for foods that do not require cold. There must be people who leave spices, instant meals, pastas, rice and pulses.

If you would like in your city public also deploy the fridge, ready for a long-term work. By far this is not just about get unnecessary refrigerator, warn their experienced operators. According to Dominica Pasek from Pilsen is very important to get information on the refrigerator between people: "They must know about them, it must know its purpose and must be open to helping others and sharing overall. So the introduction of public fridges is not just about one of the initial action, but it is quite hard work, "he explains.

Author: Zdeňka Vítková

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