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Portheimka Gallery: Medieval feast with Charles IV. in the world. Vaclav

Portheimka Gallery: Medieval feast with Charles IV. in the world. Vaclav Braised meats and prepared on the grill, delicious pies, sweets and soups prepared according to medieval recipes plus an abundance of beer and wine. All this, along with other dishes typical of medieval cuisine will offer on Wednesday 28 September 10 to 18 hours a gourmet feast "throws with Charles IV. 'Organized by the Prague gallery Portheimka in cooperation with the Museum of Gastronomy.

In the park in front of the gallery will be possible throughout the day tasting dishes Kings, treats wealthy gentry, burghers and weighted daily meals of ordinary people. Part of the feast will be a competition for the best pretzel intended for the public. The event is organized Portheimka Gallery in celebration of the 700th anniversary of the birth of Charles IV.. so also reminds and Czech Statehood Day, was attributable to St. Wenceslas.

The competition for the best sweet and salty pretzel in fact his home creation can sign anyone. "Imagination has no limits, pretzel competition can take many forms, just as he had during the reign of Charles IV .. The winner will be decided not only taste, but also the size , appearance and overall originality, "says Jaroslava Malikova, director of the gallery Portheimka." Charles IV himself. was a great lover of pretzels, "says the founder of the Museum of Gastronomy Nina Provaan cream, which together with the Gallery Portheimka involved in preparing the feast.

In times of abundance father's homeland

The period of Charles IV. varied and Provaan by Nina Cream was a period of abundance and plenty. And in the same spirit and captivating action alone. In the stands will feature different kinds of beer, wine, favorite sweets, but also ragout, sauces, roasts and stews mixtures - ancestors of today's goulash. Serving will also typically prepared pies, porridge, bread and other contemporary delicacies.

Taste the soup will also be possible. "Typical for the time being with garlic toast, which was doused with hot broth. From there, moreover, comes from the name of the soup, "explains Provaan cream. People in the Middle Ages knew not potatoes or dumplings. "In the time of Charles IV. It was not part of our cuisine and the many spices such as paprika and allspice. Even so, the meal often very interesting and especially with the taste, "says an expert on the history of gastronomy. Visitors will appreciate various kinds of beer and wine. "Without beer and wine can not even imagine the Middle Ages. Especially beer was a staple food, however, was a different taste and quality than we have today, "says Nina Cream.

Also at the event will tender period - the Prague Groschen. One will be exchanged for 10 crowns. Feasting with Charles IV. accompanied gothic music and a dining menu will also supplement ceramics and basketry. Candidates will be able to have your own basket and knit.

Events at St. Wenceslas, whose church is next to the gallery and the park, want to Portheimce continue hosting. "If everything goes well, in the tradition we certainly continue, and in the following years show the history of food and cooking from the Gothic period to the present," concludes Jaroslav Malíková.

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