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Guitar Across Styles attracted to the guitar rebels. He heads to Germany.

Guitar Across Styles attracted to the guitar rebels. He heads to Germany. Nineteenth Annual Festival Guitar Across Styles that between October 9 and November 26 will offer two dozen concerts, welcome champions acoustic and electric guitars, guitar experienced teachers and young talent.

This year, playing prim representative of the fairer sex who have successfully been on the music scene. At the festival will come true guitar virtuoso, a longtime teammate of Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck, Jennifer Batten. Finish a series of solo concerts in Prague and will perform together with songwriter Jane Šteflíčková or legendary Dagmar Voňková.

Other mainstays of the festival are American guitarist, composer and arranger Adam Rafferty, a young Dutchwoman Karlijn Langendijk, winner of the 3rd annual guitar competition SAI, German guitarists Sönke Meinen, Lorenz Schmidt, Silvio Schneider and Ingo Halama and their Czech colleagues Norbi Kovács, Libor Šmoldas, Miloslav Klaus and Stanislav Barek. Njorek group will play a zither player Michael Müller and sing Míková Martin and Susan Laura. Exceptional guest will be the final concert of legendary guitar master Jirmal. In addition to several locations in Prague head Guitar Across Styles year also in Varnsdorf, Lower Hermitage, Chýně, Černošice, Tabor and Pardubice and after years of festival guests will play again in neighboring Germany, Schweinfurt and Stadtlauringen in Bavaria and Saxony Sebnitz.
In Pardubice held the fourth edition of Guitar Competition of the Association of Authors and Performers.

"This year Guitars across genres, among other things shows how interesting guitarist and creative musicians can be those who are engaged in pedagogical work," says festival director Stanislav Barek, himself a longtime guitarist and teacher playing the instrument, and adds: "Not applicable only my German colleagues Lorenzo Schmidt Silvia Schneider and our Miloslav Klaus. Jennifer Batten has also prepared this year for Prague one of their workshops, but especially at the end of the festival will be celebrated in the Rudolfinum 91st birthday of the legendary doyen of the Czech guitar and a world-renowned educator George Jirmal. "Conversely, those who at the beginning of its promising track creatively capitalizes knowledge gained from its recent and current teachers, two young promising artists who will launch the festival: Dutch guitarist Karlijn Langendijk and her German colleague Sönke Meinen.

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