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How to neighbor troublemaker

Along with real estate generally earn even neighbors. They are able sometimes very miserable life. What all neighbor according to the law allowed and what is not governed by the legislation. Defend yourself against hearing a neighbor you as the case through the local council, police, other administrative bodies or courts.

Neighbor can be punished with a fine, he may be ordered to relinquish their actions, or to pay you financial compensation. If the neighbor tenants may be their negotiations of lease termination.

The property owner must not encroach upon possession or use of their property rights to its neighbor. The Civil Code stipulates that the land does not enter the neighbor waste water, smoke, dust, gas, odor, light, shadow, noise, vibrations, animals and other similar effects. These are called. Air pollution. "A distinction is made among our direct and indirect air pollution. Direct air pollution, for example, represent a situation where someone on a neighboring plot brings rain water, desert animals or dare waste. Whereas indirect air pollution is a side effect of other activities neighbor. They can include smoke generated by burning leaves or noise from the balcony or garden, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

While direct pollutants are prohibited at all times, indirect air pollution only if they exceed a reasonable level in a given place and a neighbor substantially restrict the normal use of his property. "So if you live in a village, you will have to put up with crowing neighbor's rooster, unless you live in area, where the rooster nobody but the neighbor did not, "says Green. Imissions resulting from officially authorized operations, such as those factories, but you'll have to endure, but for financial compensation. But doing so may not go beyond official authorization.

"If your neighbor fetches your pet, you can catch on a neighbor's property. When your swarm enters into a hive occupied neighbor, the bees become his property without compensation. Fallen fruit of your property from the tree neighbor you may eat, but you can not pluck from the tree, but rather to allow the neighbor to the očesal. Overhanging branches or roots can remove, fail to do so after your call himself a neighbor. But you have to cut carry out sparingly and at the appropriate time of year, "cites legal solutions to some situations Green.

"If you feel that a neighbor extends its activity to your rights, or if it can not agree, for example, to establish the necessary paths, you can go to court to have ruled on the case. If negotiations neighbor offense (for example awake at night), you can as the case may contact the local authority or the police. Some neighborly disputes related to construction or repairing can be solved through the construction authority. Czech Environmental Inspectorate in turn can help such as when burning waste on a neighbor's property. In a situation where a problematic neighbor tenant, you can also go to the landlord that he can under the circumstances for his actions and to terminate the lease, "says Green.

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