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Full steam ahead or the Caribbean on a luxury cruise liner

Diving to historic wreck, cocktails in bars and various marine observing the night sky from the deck. If you decide to spend your vacation on the excursion steamer, definitely will not be bored.

Joy to the waves

Sailing the Caribbean is one of the most popular holidays of the population living overseas. The popularity of floating giants, however, begins to rise in Europe. Adventure holiday in the Caribbean already offers a number of Czech and foreign travel agencies. To the port you can go either on your own or with the help of travel agencies. Prices are not in any way giddy. Week stay on the boat will be within a few tens of thousands of crowns. On the ship, of course, you can spend the whole month, in which case, however, you have to reckon with a greater financial burden.

A rich selection

For guests on board in store all the comforts and modern technologies. Of course there are countless restaurants, bars, nightclubs, swimming pools, but also cinemas, theaters and casinos. If you want to visit the busy resort in the Bahamas, Cuba or Mexico? Or perhaps you prefer unspoiled beauty of the small Caribbean islands? Caribbean cruise liners along different routes, choice of holiday is completely in your hands.

Nausea leave the coast

You can cruise the so-called miserable seasickness. These are nausea caused by rocking of the ship. Its cause is not entirely known, but it is believed that the rocking motion affects the equilibrium apparatus in the inner ear. The result is dizziness, nausea, vomiting, sweating and headaches. If you want to avoid problems, keep the following tips:
If you know that you have difficulty when moving car, plane or boat, check the doctor to prescribe medication for motion sickness.
Prior to departure, during the voyage do not drink alcoholic beverages and avoid eating heavy meals and spicy.
Linger as long as possible in the fresh air.
When moving on the deck looking at the horizon and minimize its move her head.

Two travel security

Before leaving, check with your doctor about the need for vaccinations . Traveling to the Caribbean does not require any special protection. Usually so you make do with basic travel-vaccines, namely those against hepatitis A, B, typhoid and tetanus. In some destinations are also a necessity antimalarials. Currently in the Caribbean, transmission of the virus Zika, who is a threat especially for pregnant women. Those will therefore not recommended in this area traveling. It is also important travel insurance, which should conclude before departure. Even while on a luxury cruise liner because you may encounter various infections, whose treatment abroad can climb to astronomical sums. In addition, travel insurance protects both your personal belongings and luggage in case of theft or damage.

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