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Heating season is almost here. What should be necessarily provide?

With a well-oiled and tuned by heating during the winter can save you a considerable amount of energy and you can sleep peacefully. The end of summer or early autumn is therefore the best time for maintenance of the heating system.

gas boilers

Annual check service engineer ensures economical, safe and reliable operation. For boilers that are still under warranty, then additionally such inspection was mandatory for possible future warranty claims. "Some products on the market have a five year warranty conditional only annual service inspections. Some then the standard two or three year warranty can be extended for an additional fee. Quite a few products, but has an extended warranty is subject to the fulfillment of many other conditions, such as filling the heating system, special mixtures of liquids, "calculates Roman Švantner the company ENBRA. The outcome of the inspection is for the owner of the apartment also a proof of regular maintenance for when the boiler operation incurred damages or other insured event.

"Modern condensing boilers are relatively complex technical equipment. Their annual inspection is therefore entirely appropriate. The service technician checks the status of particular burner tightness of the combustion chamber and the flue and boiler adjusted according to the manufacturer, "says Švantner. Naturally then, the service technician must have a valid certificate from the manufacturer to perform maintenance work on the boiler.

Solid fuel boilers

"Revision of solid fuel boilers is a newly established Air Protection Act no. 201/2012 Coll., On the basis of which each owner is obliged to carry out the boiler once every two calendar years checking its technical condition and operation. This regulation applies to boilers with a rated thermal input of 10 to 300 kW inclusive, which are the source of heat for hot water central heating systems. The first inspection must take place no later than 31 December 2016. This obligation also applies to newly purchased boilers, "mentions Roman Švantner. This check may be carried out only inspectors with a certificate issued by the manufacturer or importer of the boiler on the basis of meeting the requirements of the law in question. Protocol of inspection may be requested by the municipal authority to prove that the check was carried out and the boiler is used properly.


When heating with solid fuels should pay close attention to the condition of the chimney. A clogged chimney because it may be unsafe fire because it threatens to ignite the solid residue deposits in the flue chimney system. The temperature of the flame can in a fire in the chimney flue reach 1200 ° C, and very often in the accident occurs destruction of roofs and roofs. Threatened may also be a minimum of health, or worse, the lives of the residents and people in the neighborhood. The solution is a good technical condition of the entire chimney system. Regular cleaning and collection of deposits from the chimney can handle yourself well, but it is strongly recommended to call once in a while to check qualified sweep. In case revision is then necessary to call a certified inspection authority. He clogged chimney inspected, cleaned and recommend repairs. The obligation of waste gas ducts does not only solid fuel boilers, but also gas boilers. Again, the evidence of an annual inspection is used in case of damage and insurance claims.


Check the radiator usually do without professional assistance. Just carefully inspect and treat rusted surfaces and check whether any of radiator leaks. If yes, which reveals particularly dark stains from heating water on the floor, no choice but to call in an expert.

Radiators should be well vented. Make it so that soon the entire heating system, heat the short run the boiler. Then switch off the boiler and opening the appropriate valves bleed.

Thermostatic heads

Turn the thermostat and all. Their movement should be smooth and seamless. Replace defective head. After the end of the heating season again, be sure to keep heads completely open to unnecessarily bother their internal mechanism.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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