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Checking the roof before winter

Winter had done last year, according to the houses of the Czech Association of Insurance damages for a total of 148 million crowns. Most of the damage is covered roofs - were most likely to fall icicles or damage caused by the weight of snow and landslides.

Czech arrived to the first frost, because the owners did not object to the preparation of the roof procrastinate. Indeed revisions must go through the roofing, construction, plumbing components, gutters, but also seals, roof windows and skylights. The following article will advise you step by step how the roof before the winter perfectly secure and minimize the possible damage.

Step 1: gutter must be clean, its connections solid

First and foremost, before winter you need to check the condition of the drainage system, such as gutters, downspouts, couplings, kettles and more. In them being settled fallen leaves, moss and other debris that prevent water runoff. As a consequence, then the gutter in winter it can crack. Generally, gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year. To eliminate barriers in the gutter can DIY to use your own hands, powerful stream of water or a special telescopic rod with cleaning tips in the form of brushes and squeegees. "Gutter systems made of sheet metal are designed so that they are able to withstand the weather. They are therefore provided with a surface layer of polyester paint, which ensures a long life and good color stability. Maintenance of such a system is very simple and economical, "explains Jaroslav Nikodým (et al. Borga). Do not forget to also check whether the gutter joints strong and tight and that the individual parts well connected. Otherwise, the water could overflow or leak, and thereby commit damage to the facade of the house. During harsh winters and freezing it pays to install and frost gutter systems.

Step 2: In particular, check covering the gap

Do not underestimate nor control roofing. If there is any damaged, loose or otherwise not function, get on with her immediate repairs. In winter it is necessary snow from the roof crashing regularly, because otherwise interferes with the stability of a clogged downspouts, increases the risk of leaks, corrosion occurs roof elements and the destruction of roof coverings. In the case of roof tiles make particularly metal sheet elements, which occur at the lateral connections, chimneys, skylights and the like. Clean them to make them nevrstvily dirt and could post them seamlessly to drain the water. In contrast, light covering, which usually occurs on flat roofs require from the cold any special care. "Light coverings are usually equipped with special water groove, which prevents the ingress of rainwater and snow gaps in the overlap of individual profiles," explained Jaroslav Nikodým.

Step 3: At an altitude of 600 meters above the snow guard duties

An essential part of ensuring the roof before the winter is also installing protisněhových measures. This requirement differs from the site. If the house is located at an altitude of 400 meters, the barriers are not necessary. At a height of 600 meters above sea level, it would be a part of every roof with a slope of over 10 degrees should be snow guards, hooks, snow catchers, sněholamy baffles or snow. In mountainous areas where snow loads roofs considerably more than in the lowlands, it pays to zainsvestovat also protisněhových bags. If the roof ice occurs frequently, it is advisable to use hooks. Sněholamy again installed more often on the edge of the roof, usually above the entrance to the building. Generally, the higher the snow, the greater the amount measures. Helpful is the standard EN 1991-1-3, for example, or snow map Czech Hydrometeorological Institute. Barriers are distributed always evenly over the entire surface of the roof. Proper and functional installation of snow-protection requires fulfillment of strict parameters, so in this case pays to use rather help of an expert.

Step 4: In winter nevětrejte through skylights

In winter, many owners also complain of water leaking from torrential rains and melting snow into the attic space. Prevent health check seals on roofs. Such isolation can be found, for example, around skylights and dormers. Look, if the seal is not rotten or is it does not fungus that reduce its functionality. It is very important to provide wooden roof windows quality coating to protect against moisture and bad weather. With the advent of winter's best to avoid ventilation through roof windows and skylights. Not only that, it facilitates the entry of snow and water into the interior, but also increases the thermal leaks, which could significantly weigh down your purse.

Step 5: Up to a fifth of fatalities forms fall from the roof, observe safety

When independent review and possible follow-up operations should always be cautious. Falls from roofs or roof fall because of covering breaking, does server makes up a fifth of fatal accidents in the Czech Republic. Therefore, first and foremost, wear protective safety equipment and follow safe practices. If you are moving at a height of 5 meters above the ground, the ladder they must be protected by a second person. If it rains, fog or wind blows stronger than 13 m / s, the work on the roof is prohibited. Also, make sure the space under the roof had mistakenly fall actually occurred. Do not tear anything from the roof without you verified that no one is beneath you.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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