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Poisoning agaric or when the liver is devastating poison

The Czechs are a nation of mushroom pickers. It must however be picked mushrooms really familiar. There is a whole range of those that are harmful to man. They contain toxins called the mycotoxins. Which fungus is probably the most dangerous in our country and what to do in case of poisoning?

Dar forest-destroying liver

Mushroom poisoning is the less common cause of acute liver failure. However, after ingestion of often life-threatening, which often ends in death. Among our most poisonous fungi are agaric (Amanita phalloides). Its venom, Amanitin, causes severe liver damage.

It may be a life

A. phalloides poisoning is extremely serious. Mortality poisoning Amanitin is without timely medical intervention about 50%. Even where there is a good health care, the mortality rate is around 10%. This poison is doubly dangerous because symptoms are delayed and will take effect only after 6-24 hours after ingestion. By this time the body toxins are unfortunately completely absorbed. In medical treatment it is then necessary to monitor, inter alia, the function of liver enzymes and clotting factors.

Poisoning on stage

Amanitin belongs to toxins whose consequences are not fatal liver. Cell damage manifested by symptoms, which occur in four stages.
The first stage - the period 6-24 hours after consumption of green toadstools. In these moments the outward symptoms still evident. Toxins have already actively destroys the kidneys and liver victims, but said not feel any discomfort.
The second phase - the following additional 24 hours (sometimes even more). For this period is characterized by severe vomiting, bloody diarrhea and severe abdominal cramps.
The third stage - a further period of 24 hours. During these it appears that the patient is recovering (if hospitalized sometime during this period and released, so this stage very tricky).
The fourth stage - occurs relapse (reappearance of symptoms). Here it often occurs liver and kidney failure, which leads to death. Patients may also bleed and die as a result of the destruction of coagulation (clotting) factors in the blood.

Do not delay visits to the emergency

If you have any reason to suspect that you or someone you love ingested agaric, do not wait for the manifestation of symptoms. In this case, does not help using charcoal, poisons from the digestive tract is removed. Against poisoning Amanitin yet there is no antidote. The best thing you can do is to quickly transport the person to the hospital. There may be poisons removed before completely absorbed into the body. Patients with severe hepatic impairment is usually followed by transplantation of the organ. To protect the liver cells is also taken from the seed extract of milk thistle.

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