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Prague's sandbox was found excessive amount of cadmium

Tests for toxic heavy metals detected in the sand collected on 9 Prague playgrounds and sandpits excessive amount of cadmium. Values ​​exceeding the limit in all samples except one, stated Arnika environmental organization, which organized the testing. Concentrations of other heavy metals were already below the limits enforced by decree of the Ministry of Health.

Analyzed sand came from Prague 9 sandboxes and loose surface pitches in 6 districts of residential areas in places with high traffic loads and nearby waste incineration plant in Prague Malešice. Now the children coming to the sand at playgrounds in touch often, moreover, they do not hesitate to lick or dirty hands, describing the possible risk of activists. The tests themselves were the laboratories of the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague.

Limits applicable to cadmium were according Arnika's exceeded in almost all samples. "Instead of 0.5 mg / kg, most places measured 0.64 mg / kg. In five cases, the amount of cadmium exceeded almost double, in a concentration of 0, 96 mg / kg, "he says. Praha in this regard leads worse than other countries that have undertaken similar studies. "Studies of Madrid, Hong Kong and Kazakhstan generally showed lower values than in Prague," he says the results Mgr. Karolína Brabcová arnica, project manager with the in Prague play. on the other hand, Prague's sand found less lead than abroad. the values ​​found other controlled substances, lead, zinc, copper, mercury and chromium, already exceeded the applicable limits.

The highest concentrations of heavy metals, especially cadmium and lead were measured in the sandbox in Holešovice, not far from the market area and a housing estate in Malešice. Commenting on the results already part of the city exchanged the sand on a specific pitch and examine other playgrounds on its territory. More information in the report Praha 7 replaced the sand on the playground, where it was found cadmium . According Arnika is possible not only to pollution caused by heavy metals, but also microbes confined to playgrounds just more frequent replacement of sand.

A comprehensive solution would be to invest in measures that reduce dust. Now the dust is in fact weighs heavy metals, cadmium is also very well-spread environment. According Arnika is therefore not possible at its elevated levels in the environment to demonstrate clearly to the sole culprit. "Among the likely factors behind higher concentrations of cadmium may include vehicular traffic and the associated dust in Prague. We also can not forget various industrial sources not associated with the burning of fossil fuels, "explains an expert on chemicals Arnika's Milan Havel. In his words, create ten million kilometers traveled in cars as much as one incinerator emissions.

Cadmium is among the carcinogenic substance, a negative effect on renal function and metabolic reactions. Because of its resistance to degradation occurs in all parts of the environment. Cadmium Arnika detected this year in the colors and glazes. More information in the text imprinted on the glasses contain high levels of lead and cadmium, found Arnika .


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