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Myths about milk may be Eastern philosophy

Almost on every food that does not appear only in a positive way, but there is always something negative. This also applies to milk. This may be the effects of eastern philosophy and Chinese medicine, which penetrate us.

Circulating among the public often view that consumption of milk and dairy products is associated with increased production of mucus in the upper and lower airways. But there is no research to back this idea, at least partially supported.
"Clinical studies have shown a relationship between consumption of dairy products, and changes in lung function parameters. Likewise, no association between intake of dairy products and asthma, "says Dr.. Carolina head, Ph.D. the project to support dairy White plus.

Milk definitely nezahleňuje

If we focus on the myth that milk zahleňuje, we have no other than to say that it is just a subjective feeling in the mouth.
"After drinking milk produced in the mouth and pharynx, only a fine coating - protective film - which may be perceived as a human mucus," explains expert. "However, the coating consists of milk fat. In the past, even the properties of milk using it in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. This is not about any phlegm. "

The origin myths of the East?

Where these and similar myths come from? The culprit may be just the eastern philosophy and Chinese medicine.
"This is obviously a high proportion of lactose intolerance among people in these countries. Under this situation, the fact that they behaved historically cattle for milk. We have always been accustomed to consume milk, so we usually lactose-tolerant. "

Milk is healthy

We should keep in mind that we have no reason to reject milk, because for us concentrate health.
"Milk is a source of high quality proteins that are important for the building of tissues, hormones and antibodies. Also improves thyroid function and process of hematopoiesis. It represents the prevention of osteoporosis and promotes proper bone growth and activity of beneficial bacteria. Dairy products are due to its characteristics also an integral part of the reduction diet, "says Dr.. Carolina head, Ph.D. the project to support dairy White plus. More information on

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