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When moving up in rank your energy supply

Change of residence is associated with numerous worries. It should also address the existing contract for the supply of energy, if you conducted. In the case of contracts of indefinite duration sufficient to terminate the contract within the period stipulated by the contract or law. However, if you have a contract for a fixed period, based on the possibility of terminating the contract terms.

"Consumers often believe that moving from a supply point is automatically eligible grounds for termination of the contract for the supply of energy. However, such is not the case. It depends on the specific terms of the contract. Under the law, the right to terminate the contract due to the migration does, "says Luke Green, Chief Legal counseling Dtest.

Open-ended contract, the consumer may terminate without penalty within the statutory three-month period or in the period of notice stipulated in the contract, which may not be longer than the statutory period. Some vendors allow temporary contracts be terminated without penalty if the consumer proves that moves, for example, an extract from the cadastre to change the owner or the new lease agreement. Other suppliers are also required evidence that the consumer is in a new place can not connect to the supplier and that the new owner or tenant of the apartment for himself refused to convert an existing contract for the supply of energy.

Some vendors, however, insist that the contract was continued, either with the original energy customers in the new supply point or a new customer to the supply point to which the contract relates.

"So if a consumer does not take 'contract with him to a new place of residence, or persuade the new owner or tenant of the apartment or house to his contract transferred to Yourself, often must pay a penalty for early termination of a contract for a fixed period in the hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands of crowns , "says Green.

Upon termination or change of the customer, the supplier is obliged to issue a termination invoice. "We encountered cases, the contractors charged consumption for the same period as the original and new customers. It is therefore appropriate to have reported consumption data to date transcript or termination of the contract, "recommends Green.

If you agree with the new customer contracts in the transcript, make sure that as a new customer actually makes. "Check with your current supplier, what all you need to overwrite. Description of the procedure and form to the transcript can often be found on the website of the vendor. The transcript will then be issued a document, "says Green.

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