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Gathering of Drummers is issued for a graceful ride across Czech

Tomorrow, 10/14, starts in the foothills of the Jizerské order in the 15th Gathering of Drummers, which will be until the end of October cruising Czech and Moravian towns including Prague. This year subtitled "Ye are of God drummers" beckons combination of Gregorian chant or Hussite, accompanied rhythmically accurate fire drum sets and other percussion instruments.

Somewhat atypical ensemble now training hard headed by Pavel Fajt and Pavel Koudelka, Milos Vacík, Thomas Reindl and new support The festival squadron - leader Tata Bojs Milan Cais, to the premiere of this Friday. The connection between the ancient and the contemporary musical language, a world full of dynamics and rhythm help male voices choir Affetto and Israeli singer Kamila Kama, bringing the program strong, expressive vocals and elements of performance. In the corral, that our warriors with drums and drumsticks on stage surrounds, we find about two tons of percussion, drums, cymbals and other melodious junk.

"Our drummer chariots year passes between 14 and 30 October a total of 13 cities from across Smržovka Trutnov, Prerov, Rožnov pod to Vrchlabi, Lucerna Music Bar will stop on October 23," says author and producer of the project Romek Hanzlík He adds: "the Gathering is stylishly astride from the deserts of the Middle East to the Vltava river. Within a two-hour concert will include inspiration Gregorian chant, the Hussite songs, we can look forward to a thunderous drum polyrhythmic grooves, played on the drum kit, Timpani, electronics and bass drums. "

The artistic director of the Gathering of Drummers Pavel Fajt explains his year's creative concept: "For a long time in my head sounds combination of strong, burly, polyrhythmic composed and genre uncertain drum parts played mostly at European percussion instruments, along with zpěvovými party from the days when originated the European musical awareness with Gregorian chants and spiritual dimension in combination with acting belligerently Hussite songs. Hussite war hordes and camping, and their desire and enthusiasm after the change consisted history. Hussite fight song before each battle shook the confidence of enemies and helped them win. These songs sounds very unusual, arranges drum at this year's Gathering. "

Forms the basis of the report, as always, the players on the classic western percussion instruments used in rock and ethnic music (Pavel Fajt, Pavel Koudelka). Percussion will manage Tomáš Reindl. And also this year the team feminine element. Invitation accepted Israeli performer and singer Kamila Kama. Dense underpants encourage drummer Milan Cais, whose artistic scattering promises trips to other musical and artistic fields. Its concept is absolutely unique Gathering of Drummers and unique and has earned a great reputation throughout the music world.

Gathering of Drummers name is not accidental, because the musicians are really slétávají from different corners of the musical world, of different styles and from different home groups. They are always ahead on many days conclude before the world in a secluded spot in the Jizera mountains, where together they call upon the search of a musical inspiration. Each musician brings to the joint workshop of his musical experiences, their own cultural traditions, music education; each to the joint creation comes with their own ideas. The result of this global melting drummer boiler is always fascinating. There is a blending of all possible musical directions, ethnic influences and inspirations. Every year, creating new songs, which are then shown live in concert.

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