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Angelus second story, which can happen only once a year

Loose sequel to one of the most successful Czech fairy tales Angelus with Ivan Trojan and Jiri Dvorak in the lead roles is nearing completion.

The sequel began director Jiří Strach considered only when the first movie enrolled into the hearts of the audience. "But I wanted, when they get to work, so the script was bulletproof, and if not bulletproof, so no deuce simply will not," says director difficulty his decision. Maybe that's why it took eleven years before he managed to find a good script and the courage to venture into the Angelus second for a new story spoke to Jiří Strach leading Czech screenwriter Marek Epstein, with whom he collaborates regularly on television and film projects. "Mark came up with the idea, to God to send the two to the ground, but no disguises, "recalls George Fear." I told him: Mark, it will not work, after all, the joke is just that people do not know that it's a devil and an angel. A Marek me to answer a brilliant sentence: one day a year it goes! Wow! And I knew he was holding a comedy like wine. And that was the trigger for us rode the whole thing. "

And what happened next?
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The main parts of the story, therefore we meet again with your favorite pair - petronela angel and devil Urias in bringing Ivan Trojan and Jiri Dvorak. Because of their wrangling with the apple from the tree of knowledge Rolling on Earth. Petronel with Urias find themselves in a small Czech town on the eve of the feast of St. Nicholas, meet a girl and her mother Agnes, which are not just happy time. When they did not help our couple with mundane worries, a way of gaining magical apples is open. Petronela with Urias will find many obstacles and adventures that make discovers what is the real price and not only for the people - love, friendship and ability to help others in need.

Agnes plays Annie Čtvrtníčková, her mother Magdalena Vica Kerekes, in other roles we see Paul Liska Stanislav Majer and Mark Taclík as a trio thieving cronies, pompous owner of a tailor's workshop plays Bolek Polivka, we shall see Vojta Dyk, Marián Labuda and of course George Bartoška the role of God . The starry heaven reunites stars team - Klara Issová Lucie Bila, Gabriela Osvaldová, Martin Huba, Jirina Bohdalová or Veronika Žilková.

To cinemas should Angelus 2 to enter the time of Advent, December 1, 2016.

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Photo: Czech Television and Film Production Marlene

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