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Poor eyesight or who can operate eye defects

Sight is one of the most valuable senses we have. When the eyes cease to serve, they can help modern approaches introduced in ophthalmic surgery. They offer a variety of options to return vision sharpness and color. What problems can be solved specifically and how?

Refractive Eye Surgery

Refractive or ocular optical defects arise as a consequence of poor refraction of light rays coming into the eye . Rays are not pointing to the retina, they meet in front or behind. The result is a blurry image. The refractive defects include:

Field, which addresses the aforementioned defects, called refractive surgery of the eye.

Helps laser and an artificial lens

There are various methods of regulating the ability to focus, for example:
reshaping the cornea,
lens implantation (insertion of a new, functional lens)
LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) - method, when to reshape the cornea using a laser.

In people with myopia refractive surgery techniques reduce the curvature of the cornea that is too rounded, or sharp. As a result of prolonged eye or steeper cornea objects projected front of the retina - after the treatment are then moved closer to or directly on the retina. Sighted people have short eye or the cornea is too flat. Operations buildings, originally projecting behind the retina, closer to the retina, or more directly at her. Astigmatism is solved by transforming the corneal irregular shape so that the surface is smooth and symmetrical.

Disposal of cataracts

Cataract (cataract) is formed when losing the natural eye lens clarity. In most cases it is the result of the aging process. Sometimes, but this problem may be present at birth or develop after injury, chemical damage, or by treatment with drugs. Cataract surgery involves removing or emptying and replacement of the affected lens new. In local anesthesia, the surgeon makes incision on the side of the cornea. Device that emits ultrasonic vibrations, breaking the lens into tiny fragments - those of a small cut sap. Then, the surgeon replaces the lens of a new, artificial. This procedure is called an intraocular lens implantation. More modern methods used for solving cataract laser technology.
Exercise helps to restore normal vision, reduces dependence on wearing glasses and does not require additional care.
Surgery is not to be feared, is performed on an outpatient basis, so you do not have to stay in hospital longer.
Doctors usually does not remove the cataracts on both eyes at once, there is a time gap.

When ill vitreous humor or retina

Vitreoretinal surgery is a field that includes methods for the surgical treatment of diseases of the vitreous (corpus vitreum) and the retina (retina). Different approaches vitreoretinal surgery can restore, maintain or improve vision in many cases, such as:
vitreous hemorrhage,
degenerative diseases of the retina,
retinal detachment,
zákalce vitreous
disability macular holes.

All procedures are usually performed on an outpatient basis.

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